04 October 2013

20 months

Yesterday B turned 20 months old.  I still call him baby all the time.  I also call him big boy when I am trying to get him to do something that a big boy would do...I wonder if this is confusing?

Probably.  He is pretty spectacular though and like I wrote yesterday - the funniest.  

A few things about my baby/big boy:

-He no longer says "booooo" (in a very high pitched voice) when you ask him what a cow says.  This breaks my heart a little bit because it was so darn cute.  He replaced it with an equally cute "mmmmmmmoooooooooooo" sound where he drags out the m for quite a while.  I think he is trying to do it like his dad.

-He is talking up a storm.  At 18 months I started writing down his words and I just stopped because there is no way to keep up.  He still calls water "lala" though and I hope that continues forever and ever.

-He loves his stuffed animals.  Baby brother may have to get all new stuffed animals because B is very attached to his.  A lot of times after naps he likes to point all of them out to me and tell me their names.  His favorites are definitely Mickey, Tigger, Pluto, monkey, and Beh Pooh (and he still calls him Beh Pooh which I am very grateful for).  He is also pretty in love with his giant Edent (elephant) and crocodile.

-He has a shoe obsession and constantly wants his shoes taken off (sue oss) so that I can put on a different pair (sue on).  He only has 3 or so pairs that fit right now so these just rotate.  His obsession with wearing Ryan's shoes and my shoes has stopped which is kind of nice because he no longer cries when they won't stay on his little feet.

-He knows all of his capital letters and numbers 1-9 and loves to point them out any chance he gets.  

-The dude loves music and dancing.  He loves to sing and often does so in church (as he directs the music with his hand).  Sometimes he is really loud and sometimes he doesn't realize it is actually a99 musical number happening where the congregation is not supposed to sing.  Funny kid.  One of his favorite things every week is music time at the library.  The other week the leader changed one of the songs up on him though and he just cried.  It made me really sad - he likes his routines!

-He has the most incredible memory.  The nurse at my doctor loves him and he loves her right back.  As we were walking down the hall to go to my appointment yesterday he kept repeating "Sybil, Sybil" before even seeing her.  He just remembers that he sees Sybil when we go to that building.  Last week our family made our monthly Costco trip (where we always get pizza before shopping) and as we pulled into the parking lot he stared saying (peeta, peeta).  I don't even have that good of a memory.

-He loves people and is really good with names.  He loves video chatting/facetiming with his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.

-He loves to match things.  Grandma Clyde has a really fun match game on her IPad that he is kind of a pro at now (I have yet to find a comparable match game for my phone) but he also loves matching up pictures in "look and find" books.  His favorite is a Sesame Street color one and he definitely knows where all of the "hidden" things are now.  (They are really in plain sight- no I Spy books here yet).  It brings him a lot of joy to match them though. 

-He loves to read, usually the same book over and over and over again.  He can help me recite Cat in the Hat even without the book.

-He now has a really good sad face and whiny voice.  We are working on getting him to make a "mad" face when he is upset instead of just hitting me (definitely working on the how to express negative emotion thing).

-He has a pretty short fuse but is really sweet all at the same time.

-His favorite toy is his Mater.  We have started watching Cars with him because of it (don't make it through much at a time) but he is so happy whenever Mater comes onscreen.  He likes McQueen too but just not as much.  Any picture of a tow truck is called Mater (Maner) in this house.

-He will only wear his robot jammies at night and wanted to wear them all day for a while.  He now understands the concept of day clothes and night clothes though and does pretty good about getting changed out of his wobot.

-He is awful at going to sleep even though he used to be so good at it!  Part of this is because he kept climbing out of the crib so he is now in a bed and because he is able to open his door.  He knows that so it is hard to keep in him in his room initially at night.

-He is very observant.  He notices things that I just wouldn't really think about.  Example:
He saw this in the sky as we were on a morning walk today and yelled "X!!!!!!"  He finds a lot of X's in the world.

-He is super funny.  The other day he insisted on walking around with his stacking rings on his arm.  He still wanted to eat dinner though and did so like this:
Seriously funny (he usually makes me feed him - he is independent in a lot of ways but still likes his mom to feed him). 

 If you see him ask him what a robot does and I promise you will laugh.

We love him a lot - and his sweet sweet smiles.  He is going to be the best big brother.

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