25 July 2013

Bubbles on the Beach

B and I recently returned from a two week long vacation to Utah and Oregon/Washington which I'm planning to write more about later.  

Today, though, we were out on our little balcony playing with bubbles and I kept thinking about one specific memory from our trip that will always be very special to me.  

The morning of the day we left Utah for Washington B woke up with a fever.  He acted completely normal minus his desire to sleep more than usual.  He was perfectly fine on the plane and excited to see his Gamma and Gampa once we landed.  The next day we all headed to Seaside, OR along with my brother and his family.  B still had a fever but wasn't acting too bothered by it.  He played with his cousin Kendal but began acting quite moody so I took his temperature (103.8! I was not happy), gave him some Tylenol, and called an advice nurse who told me to give him a bath and recheck his temperature afterward.  It had gone down into the 102's so she said to take him in the next day if his fever persisted.  

B woke up early the next day in tears - really sad, awful, big tears.  He just bawled on the bed while I threw on some clothes and my dad and brother tried to comfort him.  We immediately took him to the ER and found out the poor guy had a double ear infection .  He has never had an ear infection that I know of and this one was a bad one.  I felt horrible, he felt horrible...it was not a happy morning.  We got the antibiotics, gave him more Tylenol, and left the ER.  For the majority of the day he slept and was grumpy/tired/hurting.  It made me so sad that he couldn't enjoy himself or the beach.

Does this picture not make you sad?

That evening he was acting a little better and the weather was nice so we ventured out to the beach.  He played a little in the sand but still wasn't his happy little self.  B loves water (or "lala" as he calls it) so we took him closer to the ocean.  He surprisingly didn't even notice the water initially because something far more magical got his eye...

BUBBLES (and lots of them)

And just like that my sick, tired baby was alive and energetic again.  He squealed and chased and yelled at the "bubbas."  I seriously almost cried.  I thanked the bubble guy and told him that he just made my son's entire day.  He said he loved going out on the beach with his bubble wand because it brought so much happiness.  Happiness = brought bubble wand guy!

Something as simple as a bubble renewed energy inside a hurting little toddler.  Today as B squealed and popped bubbles on our balcony I wondered why they brought so much happiness to his little soul.  I might never know for certain but I think it's because they are mysterious (and pretty).  He doesn't know why they slowly float down to his fingers or why they glisten and dance in the sun.  They are kind of magical (not to mention fun).

As a mom, these are some of my favorite moments: watching my little one be captivated by things that inspire awe and wonder and curiosity.  I can't wait to be there and watch as he discovers more and more (and as my other children do of course).  I want to show him the beautiful things that exist in this sometimes scary, painful world.  It makes me sad to think that someday he will lose his perfect innocence and that something as simple as a magical bubble won't be able to lift his spirits any longer.  Thankfully, there are so many things much more awe inspiring than a bubble.

For now though, I know what to break out when we are having a dull day or a toddler meltdown.  Yay for bubbles.