26 June 2013

Curse of the Frozen Yogurt

We kind of, sort of like frozen yogurt around here.  When the cool self-serve shops started popping up we waited and waited for one to come to C-ville and then, yay, one came to C-ville.  Frozen yogurt = B's first "solid."  And don't worry - every time we walk into a frozen yogurt establishment Ryan picks up one of the huge cups and then says something about how they give these out to trick us into getting more frozen yogurt than we actually need/want but he will not be fooled.  We usually walk out with Ryan saying he got too much frozen yogurt.

It's sort of a tradition.

Back in January (February?) we decided to go get ourselves some frozen yogurt.  We had just picked up our car that morning from a mechanic who "fixed" an oil leak.  On the way that night our car started acting weird and then it just died right there in the parking lot.  One transmission, one starter, one flywheel, another oil leak fix, lots of money, and several months later and we had ourselves a working car again.

The other day I decided to take B to a frozen yogurt place called Monster Yogurt because I heard it had a little play area inside. Since it is 5000 degrees outside at all times in Texas indoor play areas are my new best friend.  Unfortunately, this play area was the size of a shoe box and had way too many big kids running around.  We got the frozen yogurt and went back to the car.  B was not too happy, let me tell you.  I strapped him in, buckled myself up, and turned on our now reliable vehicle.

Wait, I mean I tried to turn on our now reliable vehicle.  It wouldn't happen.  Multiple attempts later I texted Ryan who left work early to come get his stranded wife and toddler.  We sojourned around an air conditioned Albertsons while we waited.  Ryan was somehow able to start the car so we haven't taken it in yet...we are just waiting for it to break down (smart of us?). 

Apparently frozen yogurt is not one of our things anymore.  Our only two attempts in the last year have resulted in two broken cars (well one car broken twice).  We will not be making a third attempt any time soon.


19 June 2013

San Antonio

So back in the day (and by "the day" I mean about 5 years ago when we lived in Alexandria) I used to update this little blog about once a week.  I still read those posts every and then and am so so happy I have them.  One of my favorite things in the world is getting nostalgic - nothing like reading through a post full of pictures and personal anecdotes to make you feel nostalgic.  I'm going to try and pick this little habit back up.  I never think I will forget experiences/stories and then I always do because, as I have mentioned before, I have the worst memory of any 28 year old I know.  I almost just wrote 27 year old because I forgot that I am 28 - bad, bad memory.  Also, I take approximately 5876 pictures a day and they just sit on my computer.  As much as I would like to think I will scrapbook them, I just know I will not.  People make books of their blogs nowadays right?  

SO...this week I am going to write down the goings on of the Clyde family over the last couple months.  I will start with San Antonio.

My parents came to Texas for Memorial Day weekend.  This made B the happiest.  Instead of keeping them in Dallas we hastily took them to San Antonio with dreams of spending a day and a half in the sun at Sea World.  My non-love for Texas expanded as we drove down encountering thunderstorm after thunderstorm.   It took us much much longer to get to San An than we anticipated and rained harder than I have ever seen in Texas to date.  Driving toward dark clouds when you are going to Sea World is not exciting.  HOWEVER, the sun did come out as we got closer and we were able to spend a few hours there with hardly anyone, because who goes to Sea World when it is pouring down rain?  Silver lining.

 B and I waited while my parents and Ryan went on one of the roller coasters and he thought that it was SO cool.  He kept explaining to me, hand motions and all, what was going on when the roller coaster went by. It was the cutest/funniest.

My mom thought the particular roller coaster B is gesturing about was the scariest ride she has ever been on.  It was one of the few that didn't make Ryan sick.  

After the coaster we headed over to a show and saw COOKIE MONSTER on our way over.  I had been anticipating this moment for many days.  I thought B would be jumping out of our arms to run and see "Cook."  He wasn't afraid of giant Cookie but was thoroughly confused.  It was kind of hilarious.

How confused is he??  He looks at these pictures now and gets really happy.
One of my favorite pictures

Azul was our favorite show.  Divers + Dolphins = lots of fun.  B actually sat and watched.  He watched most shows with his hand in his mouth.  I assumed he was teething - this was 3 weeks ago and no teeth have appeared.

We also enjoyed the Shamu show because, well, killer whales are pretty...and neat.

 Bugaboo clapped and clapped during this show.  He loved watching the big whales jump.

That evening we took B out to the pool - notice the fun he is having.
 While we slept sheets and sheets of rain came down and flooded this pool.  Turns out the weekend we chose to visit San Antonio was the weekend it severely flooded.  We didn't see much of it though.  It mostly skipped our area and the next day was pretty darn nice.

Our second day at Sea World was not as productive as the first since there were more people at the park.  Still, significantly less than I was expecting

We spent the majority of the day at this splash park area (B and I live at splash parks it seems).  He is always usually pretty apprehensive about water splashing in his face but ends up loving it.  I love his face (bottom left) - water in the eyes!

Mid-way through his splash time he came at me with that cute face to give me a huge, wet hug.  It made me extremely happy.

B started calling both Grandpa and Grandma gabga on this trip. He loves them.

Family photo op with a blurry lense.

Hello beluga whale, you are cute!

My parents and Ryan went on some of the water rides and got very wet (I guess only my parents were wet in this picture).  I did not go on any rides - not good for pregnant people.  Have I told this blog I'm pregnant?  I am, and I was not sick during this trip which made it all the more fun.

B also did not get to ride anything - except for the carousel.  He was obsessed - he would start bawling immediately after exiting.  It was really sad every time.  We rode this too many times to count.

More fun times in the toddler play area.
I was a definite fan of Sea World.  We did about everything we wanted to do there in a day and a half.  We spent one more half day in San Antonio before heading back to the Big D.

On our way back to Dallas we stopped at the Alamo which was fun, but difficult.  B was the wiggliest worm so we mostly took turns hanging out with him as he ran around so my parents could see some of the Alamo.

I take pictures like this a lot and can't help but think that while B is becoming such a big boy, he is such a little guy.  Little big boy in a big big world.

After the Alamo we headed to the River Walk for some lunch.  I think the River Walk is so pretty, wish Dallas had one.  Our "river" is not pretty.

The gabgas.

 Funny story - I asked my mom to take a picture of us (on the Iphone) and we all stood and smiled at the camera (B excluded) for probably a good 20 seconds and this was the picture we ended up with.  I have no idea at what point this was taken but I kind of love it - Ryan was the only one who ready... and I'm short and the bugs is up really really high.

This post was the length of an epic novel - and my parents were still in town for two more days after this!  More to come, more to come.