08 May 2013

Toddler Tidbits

B can say words:
Ca (car)
Ba (ball)
Boo (balloon)
Pooh (Pooh Bear)
Cooook (Cookie Monster)
Awow Awow (around and around)
Op (hop)
Ga (Milk - not sure why)

He also loves trying to repeat what you say.  It is highly amusing.

If B could speak though, in actual full sentences, here are a few bits of wisdom I'm sure he would impart to the world.

Binkies make life better.

Ducks like to be followed around.

Milk is only appetizing when it comes from a bottle.  Sippy cups were not made for milk.

If your mom puts your shoes on it means it is time to go outside RIGHT NOW.  Do not allow her to get distracted with anything under any circumstance.

Every car makes a siren sound.

Sharing is hard.

The best time of the day is when Daddy comes home.  He is the funniest.

The absolute worse time of the day is when Mom is making dinner.  Try to stop her in any way necessary.

Running on the sidewalk, as opposed to grass, is much more fun - even if you get scrape after scrape from falling down.

Computer keyboards were made for hitting.

Noses should not be wiped, no matter how much snot is coming out of them.

Nooks and crannies are fun to squeeze into - try it.

Bath time should end before your hair gets washed and rinsed.

Music and dancing make anything better.

Car rides should not last longer than 15 minutes.

If your mom doesn't want you to open the cupboards at the doctor's office over and over again she shouldn't make you wait in that tiny room for so long.

Immunizations are really mean.

Eskimo kisses are really fun.

Kitty cats say Begaw, not Meow.

Dogs say Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah, not Woof Woof.

Outside is always, ALWAYS better than inside.

03 May 2013


When babies/toddlers learn new things it is obviously really cute.  First time rolling over, first crawl, first steps, first words, first   = cute cute cute.

When it is your own child doing these things for the first time it is not only cute but also mind-blowingly amazing.  Every time B does something new I think and/or exclaim, "Seriously, how is he able to do that!?"  Everything he learns to do astonishes me.  It doesn't matter that millions of babies/toddlers have learned to do it before or that millions will learn after.  HE figured out how to scoot...then crawl...then stand...then walk.  HE is learning how to talk.  HE can identify heaps of animals/objects even if he can't verbalize it all yet.

  Barely a year ago he was this tiny, squishy, helpless little being.  Now he is highly mobile, understands a lot of what I'm saying to him, can point to something and say what it is (if it's a ball, car, star, duck, or balloon that is), performs motions to toddler songs, and knows just about every animal noise we have taught him.  His brain just sucks up information.  If our brains continued to develop as rapidly as the toddler brain we would all be geniuses.  Babies are geniuses.

Even when B isn't doing something astonishing he is still highly entertaining (to me at least).  A while ago he discovered the joys of stacking tiny books one on top of another.  I discovered the joy of watching him do it.  Never have I seen him in such a state of concentration.  For a good half hour he stacked and stacked.  He didn't even get upset when a tower fell down - he just built a new one. Any passerby would think, "cute!" and go on her merry way.  I was entranced.

Just look at the face - so focused, so determined

I took him to an Easter egg hunt many moons ago and he was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  All he wanted to do was carry two eggs around with him - one in each little hand.  You can kill with kindness...can you kill with cuteness?  I think so.


Little dude in a big world

My heart bursts a little (a lot) looking at these pictures

Do these cheeks make you swoon or is it just because I'm his mommy?  I hope he keeps these cheeks forever...through teenage years, adulthood...forever.

Mushiest post about the mushiest little doll.

15 months old today