18 February 2013

For the Love of Cookie Monster and Video Overload

B turned one a couple weeks ago.


We had a little family party full of balloons, ducks, cupcakes, and a few gifts. 

 We could have done nothing else all day long and B would have been so happy playing with these balloons.  In fact we still have them floating around our apartment 2 weeks later.

B visits (chases) these ducks about once a day.  His birthday was no exception.
He loves ducks but continues to growl when I ask him what they say.  In B's world every animal roars.

He was a little more interested in opening gifts than he was at Christmas but still preferred to play with the wrapping paper after ripping off a strip.

And now on to the cake "smash" and Cookie Monster anecdotes.

B loves Cookie Monster.  He doesn't know other Sesame Street characters because he doesn't watch it.  He actually doesn't know any characters from any cartoon aside from his stuffed animal collection (Mickey, Pluto, Eeyore, Pooh Bear, Cookie Monster, and Tigger).  His stuffed animals are his friends though (especially Mickey and Cookie).

When B was just a few months old our friend Joe sent us a link to this video:

We showed it to B who was so taken with excitement he would stiffen up and squeal at the screen whenever he watched the video.

A few months later Ryan went away to take the Bar exam and returned with a Cookie Monster stuffed animal just for B.  He still enjoys lugging him around and giving him "loves."

He also still goes insane whenever we show him the Cookie video. 

Some snippets from January.

Because of this love for Cookie I decided to make little Cookie Monster cupcakes.  I asked Google for a tutorial and found out they they are surprisingly easy to make.

B liked looking at and reaching for them more than the actual eating of the cupcake.

He basically just licked some of the frosting off and then started crying about being strapped into his seat.

Not how I envisioned his little cake smash, but it was cute nonetheless.
I can't believe my baby is one.  What a year it has been!

01 February 2013

First Haircut

Last weekend we (Ryan) gave B his first haircut.  Ryan has been wanting to do this for months, jabbering on about how B has a mullet and how when he's older he's going to ask us why we didn't cut his hair.  I refused - it wasn't a mullet.  B's hair could look crazy at times but I wasn't going to let that baby hair go away.

So I pretty much had been preparing myself for months.  I kept picturing my baby getting his hair cut and emerging a 5 year old child.  Seriously - I thought it would completely transform him into a little kid.  Last Sunday I finally decided it was time and the deed was done.  We put on some cartoons and he sat super still.      B doesn't get cartoons often because he stares and notices nothing else - I don't like it.  He gets them when he needs to sit still and it works like a charm!

Before - not that bad, but out of hand sometimes
What is that!?!
Watching cartoons

Shooting hoops?
Such a skinny baby

After - looks awesome!

The Damage

I love the haircut - good job Daddy!

And B still looks like my little baby, not a 5 year old.
 I didn't even cry.