29 January 2013

Remember How?

Remember how...
Ryan is less than a year away from turning thirty?
I am twenty-eight?
B is almost one?!?
I am apparently obsessed with our ages.

Remember how...
It looks like B is just days away from getting his two front teeth?
His favorite time of day is when Ryan comes home?
He loves to point and give loves and walk around and around?
He is such a sweet little boy.

Remember how...
We took our car to a mechanic because it has been having trouble starting?
It broke down shortly after picking it up from said mechanic and we (Ryan) had to roll it into a parking lot?
We had it towed back and the mechanic said there was an error code that he cleared and now it is fine?
I don't know what that means.

Remember how...
AGAIN, B is almost one?
The thought of weaning him makes me feel incredibly anxious?
I love how cute it is when he walks but I'm not ready for the crawling to stop completely?
To me those things push him over the line from baby to toddler (he's currently straddling it).

Remember how...
My parents are at Disney World right now?
I'm slightly jealous?
I've never been to Disney World but I'm pretty sure I will always think Disneyland is better?
I mainly want to go to Disney World so I can go to Animal Kingdom and Universal (solely for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

Remember how...
It's 75 degrees today?
It is windy and thunder stormy on and off?
We haven't gone anywhere today because we don't have a car and it has been kind of rainy?
The rain should be over today so we're getting out after B's nap.

Remember how...
I'm going a little stir crazy so that's a good thing.

23 January 2013

Around These Parts

A lot has been going on around this little apartment lately.  

We've been doing a little bit of this:
B thinks getting tossed is the greatest thing in the universe - it terrifies me.

Some of this:

Is there anything more fun than swinging?  Judging by this face, I think not.

This at least once a week:
Music time at the library - we do really fun things like clap our hands, shake eggs, and fly "kites" (scarves)
 A LOT of this:

Bug loves his books

 And...well....SOMEONE has been learning to do this:


He's becoming a little pro.  I can't believe I have a walker on my hands - a walker!  He falls a lot but gets better every day.  How cute is that face?  He's saying "I want that camera, give it to me!"

B obviously likes cameras and walking toward them. 

10 January 2013

It's a Jolly Holiday

I love holiday season.  November and December are the best - thanks to B the fun of the holidays have been amplified by 50000000000000 (or some other really high number).

Ryan's parents came to the big D for Thanksgiving.  I was so happy when I found out they were coming - we had been missing being away from family since we were with our families all summer.  B was super excited and happy the entire time they were here.  He loves him some grandparent attention.

It was pretty nice here over Thanksgiving weekend so we got ventured outdoors a few times.  B enjoyed his first mini golf experience.

 He's a bit of a good luck charm.

 He climbed a tree.  We thought it was cute (and waaaay advanced for a baby) so we whipped out the good old camera and documented.

Our apartment community put up tons of  Christmas lights so we walked around one evening.  B loved them.

Who doesn't love Christmas lights?

We also put up our tree, which B immediately wanted.  So we blocked him and dashed his dreams of pulling the tree down on top of himself.

 Two weeks later he learned to climb (same outfit, different day).

I dashed his little hopes again by turning the barrier long ways.  Am I mean or am I mean?

We went to see Santa in December and I thought that B would be over the moon excited.  To say that he loves people is a completely understatement.  He LOVES people - ones he knows, ones he doesn't know.  He will stare and stare and stare at someone and when they finally notice and acknowledge him he is so so happy.  Santa is a little scary though I guess.  He didn't cry but, well...you can see the look on his face.  He was a bit overwhelmed.

 Santa was the nicest though.  We also didn't even have to stand in ANY line.  Thank you Half Price Books.

For Christmas we flew to Oregon/Washington (I still kind of refuse to believe my parents no longer live in Oregon).  I flew out before Ryan and was slightly nervous about the plane ride since I would be taking care of B all by my lonesome, but he was awesome - just awesome.  He got a little restless on the second leg of our flight but didn't even shed a tear the entire time.  He flirted with everyone who would lay eyes on him and talked to anyone who would listen to him.  When I got off the plane a couple walked by and declared that he was the best baby they had ever seen.  I'm guessing they were in there 80's so I'm pretty sure they know...he is the best.

Back to Oregon/Washington...of course B had a blast and a half.  He discovered the joys of riding in boxes.  He would just sit inside waiting to be pulled and would cry whenever we took him out.  Poor, poor child.
 He got to hang out with all his Curry cousins.  He loves them (and likes to try and sit on their faces).  None of them wanted the picture below taken.  We had to try though right?

He actually got to touch this tree, so that made him pretty happy.

 We had so much fun - it is always hard to leave family.

We were back in Texas for New Years Eve so we had ourselves a little party.  Ryan even agreed to wear a party hat...what!?  We seriously usually don't do much of anything on New Years Eve.  I never have liked to .  In fact, I remember one New Years Eve when I was in high school where I decided just to stay home alone because I was enjoying my games of Solitaire so much (lame).  Another year I watched a Crocodile Hunter marathon with my best friend and (then) 12 year old brother.  Wow me.

I don't remember what Ryan and I have done most New Years Eves - we likely went to bed early most times...but this year (last year) we "partied."

 And by partied I mean put on party hats and blew the noise makers and drank pop and watched the ball drop from 2011.

 B liked the noise makers.  I think he was a little confused by them though.

He doesn't like the New Years kiss tradition yet I guess.

 We watched the ball drop and then had our own little ball drop (aka - B knocked down the ball tower).

It was a lot of fun - I love holidays with my little family

And it isn't over - Ryan's bday is this month and B turns ONE next month.  Where has the time gone?

2012 flew by.  2013, we welcome you.