24 October 2012

One of my favorite pictures of B

I like to look through pictures of my son while he is napping a little too much sometimes.  I can't believe he is almost 9 months.

This picture was taken in his first month.

We dressed him up in Duke attire and had a little baby photo shoot.  B loves the camera - notice the pose?  It is so adorable.

Of course we had to go through many pictures with no Baby B pose:

Funny story - B hadn't ever been exposed to a pacifier before this but LOVED it.  The only problem was that it was way too big and he couldn't keep it in (hence the tears - he also didn't want the hat on).  I love how he is trying so hard to keep it in though.

And while I'm posting pictures of B....these eyes, they just bore into my mommy soul.  And those cheeks....
B at 5.5 months

B at 6 months

B at 7 months.

I just love this little one, from his curled toes to his wispy hair.

16 October 2012

Bat Cave

I am linking this up with a post on DIY Halloween crafts from a blog a really enjoy reading - lots of fun ideas.  

I'm not much of a decorator when it comes to Halloween.  For some reason with B I decided I wanted to do something.  He doesn't notice decorations much so I came up with a craft that I figured he would notice.

B loves ceiling fans - has since birth, so my idea revolved around the fan.

I found a simple tutorial on YouTube for how to make an origami bat.  I chose a bat because my apartment is pretty cave-like anyway.  Sadly, the way it is situated makes it so very little natural light enters.  Bats fit perfectly.  This bat is REALLY easy and takes about two minutes.  I didn't use origami paper - just black heavy construction paper.  It makes the folds a bit more difficult but for this particular origami bat the folds don't really need to be exact.

Not the most exciting bat, but he does the trick.
I made five of these - two larger ones and three little ones.

Then I simply hot glued some string to each bat and taped them up on the ceiling fan using removable table.  This part took a little experimenting because the string needs to be long enough or the bats get kind of stuck.  One is actually stuck right now. 

When the fan is on the bats actually flap around.  They even make noise (I'm not sure how long they will last because of this).  My apartment = bat cave. 

Still, it was super easy and fun.  B even noticed (for a little while).

15 October 2012

My Little Pull Up Machine

B has been pulling up on things like crazy these days.  He's pretty proud of himself.  Here's how it is done:

Step 1: Approach the couch - smile

Step 2: Reach up with arms, get up on knees

Step 3: Puuuuuuuuuuull up and voila

Put it all together, then repeat and repeat and repeat

See?  Easy Peasy

14 October 2012

Teaching Tales

The other day Ryan and I heard a commercial on the radio that reminded me of some of my past students.  It made me miss teaching a lot.  It’s funny because students make the job but they can also be extremely frustrating sometimes.  Since I am so far removed from teaching (9 months! Wow) I've been thinking back on just the funny/awesome things that students do.  Let me share some:

-One time all of the freshmen in my 4th block World Geography were sitting working on something like ANGELS (doesn’t happen too often during the last block of the day) and suddenly one student sang the “Red Robin” part of the Red Robin jingle.  Spontaneously about half the class sang “yuuuuummmm” at the exact same time.  So funny – I laughed so hard it hurt (and simultaneously distracted them from working).  The Red Robin commercial threw me into teaching nostalgia.

-A 9th grade student walked into my classroom after the premier of Justin Bieber’s movie and told me that it “changed her life.”  Who knew Justin Bieber’s movie could do that?

-Many times a 9th grade student (different from the one above) came to class hugging her Justin Bieber throw pillow.  She even kissed it. 

-One time my cheerleaders sang Justin Bieber songs for an entire hour on a bus ride to an away football game.  What can I say, Bieber has a loyal, loyal fan base.

-At the beginning of my last semester teaching I was starting to become noticeably pregnant.  I chose not to tell students but let them figure it out for themselves.  It took a really long time for any student to ask me but when the news finally broke my Ancient World Class told me they were relieved.  Rumors had been flying around but they didn’t want to ask me just in case I wasn’t actually pregnant.  They didn’t want to “hurt my feelings.”   This is really sweet, especially if you know how uncouth high school students can sometimes be.

-Once the pregnancy news broke one of my 9th grade students came up to me BEAMING and exclaimed: “I’ve never had a pregnant teacher before!”  I never thought I could elicit such excitement.

-Two students learned how to make a quilt so they could make one for B before he was born.  Many other students were sweet enough to give B little presents as well.  I was blown away.

-One time I had this conversation with a student:

Student: “Mrs. Clyde, when do you have to start wearing maternity clothes?”
Me (at 8.5 months pregnant mind you): “Right now, I’m wearing maternity clothes, I have been for several months.”
Student: “No, those are jeans.” (It was Friday = jean day)
Me: “Yes, maternity jeans.”
Student: “I’m confused – they look like jeans.”
Me: “They are jeans – maternity jeans.”

She was dumbfounded – and no, I did not lift up my shirt to show her the stretchy belly part (lines obviously exist) but I tried to explain that you don’t have to don only muu muus when pregnant.

- I assigned a project to Ancient World class where they had to re-tell the legend of Siddartha Gautama.  I gave students considerable leeway and got a host of creative/over the top projects.  One very musical student wrote a song, recorded it in his dad’s studio, burned a C.D. and turned that in with a copy of the lyrics.  It was amazing.  Another student wrote an entire multi-act play complete with character bios and stage directions.  Other students turned in “interviews,” paintings, sculptures, and poetry.

-Another time in my Ancient World class during our unit on the Maya, a student tried to convince me that the end of the world will really be this December.  As I explained that the Mayans had different calendars and that this December marked the end of one of the “long calendars,” he claimed he had proof.  The dates of September 11th and the 2011 Japanese tsunami/earthquake add up to December 22, 2012.  See - proof.  He was convinced.  Me?  Not so much.

- One time the cutest little field mouse ran into my Modern World class while students were giving their final research project presentations.  Almost every girl jumped up on their chairs screaming.  I thought I could get them to focus on presentations but it wouldn't happen until we caught the mouse and released it back into the wild.

I definitely have more but that’s enough for now.  Moral of these stories: Teenagers can be pretty neat.

Thinking back on the good/funny times kind of makes me wish I could strap B to my back and go teach with him.  I don’t think he would like that much, though, and his cuteness would be a little too distracting.  Nostalgia will have to do for now.

05 October 2012

Blahs and Blurs

Today was just one of those days.  I'm kind of homesick to be honest - homesick for Virginia and for Oregon/Washington.

I had to go drop some money off for a little craft project but when I opened up my wallet I noticed that I had no small bills (a large bill to me is a 20...I'm not walking around with Benjamins or anything like that).  I didn't really want to chance a situation where there was no change so I decided to run somewhere with B to get some change. 

 Where does one go to buy something small without having to unload the babe from the car seat (he hates getting put into the car seat)?  Why, I'm glad you asked -  a drive-through of course.  I chose BK because I figured this was a good excuse to go grab myself a Coke Icee (I love these...would have one every day if I let myself).  No Coke Icee was consumed today by yours truly though because the Coke Icee machine was broken.  Boo.

I settled for a Dr. Pepper that I didn't want, but at least I had my change.

B and I then began our walk to drop off the money.  Google Maps showed me a route that looked relatively easy.  By now I should know never to trust myself with directions if not glued to a GPS.  I got lost and wandered around with B for about 45 minutes longer than necessary until I found the apartment.  It was hot and B was unhappy and it was not pleasant let me tell you.

So I was just a crabby crab when we got home.  B was a crabby baby crab so I put him down for a nap and wallowed a bit in my own self pity.

But then B woke up and started slobbering me with the biggest baby kisses in the world.  These kisses are quite amazing - healing even.  They are the wettest, sweetest kisses and melt me into little puddles of happiness.  

A B kiss turns a blah day into a wonderful one.  What was I so upset about anyway?  I didn't get a Coke Icee and was forced to walk off the unneeded calories of a Dr. Pepper.  Big deal.

I'm still craving a Coke Icee though.

03 October 2012


One of B's favorite things to do is take "sips" of water.  If you have a cup he wants it and he will reach and reach and reach with those little arms until you give him a sip.

By sip I mean he laps at the water, drools inside the cup, and then spits out most of what he managed to get inside his mouth.

Look at all that blue! (and I'm not talking about the shirts...)

He burrows his head into the cup and is so so intense.  I love it.

Cute little bug.

01 October 2012

The Desert

It is crazy to me that we have been in Texas for nearly a month...time has a way of getting away from me.

And I'll be honest, I wasn't too terribly excited about getting to Texas.  Texas meant Ryan would have to start work and we wouldn't get him all the time.  Texas meant no more family nearby.  Texas meant the end of summer.  Texas meant wretched wretched heat.  Texas meant the desert.

Sadly, Texas still means those things - except for the last part.

It's funny, before we got here I kept telling Ryan and everyone else who would listen how I was going to have a really hard time living in a desert.  I even had a conversation with someone about how there was nothing at all between Dallas and Austin - just a desert full of dirt (and no cactus!  How dare a desert have no cactus!)  Ryan would look at me and say, "there are trees in Dallas, I think you are remembering it wrong."

To which I would of course scoff and say, "No, I'm not...it's a desert."

But I was wrong.  It is somewhat green.  Not Oregon green...not Washington green...definitely not Virginia green - but it isn't a desert in this part of Texas.  We even drove down to Austin/San Antonio last weekend and there was not one bit of desert between.  I seriously remember all desert.  Hmmm.

I suppose my bad attitude when it comes to Texas scenery stems from the fact that when we were here last summer I was pregnant sick and miserably hot.  My mind/imagination is obviously very powerful because it cast a very ugly memory of a somewhat pretty place.

Even though Texas is still all of those other things that I don't like so much, at least I get to see trees.

Some pictures of our recent adventures:

A pond - a fountain - greenery - Hallelujah

State Capitol

Waiting for bats in Austin
The Alamo
The San Antonio Riverwalk - can you tell B is hot?
The water felt nice

Rangers game
I think we'll like it here just fine...I do wish all of our family would just hurry up and move here though.

I miss these people:

And I miss these people:

Hiking the Y.

Needless to say, I'm very thankful for video chat.