26 July 2012


This is a picture that B and I took back in Northern VA sitting out on the patio one morning.  We're pals you know - inseparable - glued at the hip.  Sometimes we hang out in our pajamas together longer than we should.  If you look closely though you will notice that it isn't just the two of us in the picture.

Look hard, very hard

The back of that head through the glass door?  Yes, that is Ryan studying for the bar.  These pictures typify our summer - mommy and baby hanging out while daddy studies and studies and studies.  He was an energizer study bunny.

Even still -  Ryan found time to do quite a bit with us while the daunting task of bar study constantly stood its ground - we're thankful for that.

Today, though, he is D-O-N-E.  The bar is over.  Ryan took it in Texas so we won't see him for another day, but he is finished!  Can I get a woo and hoo?

Ryan's start date for his job isn't until the end of September so we get a whole TWO months to spend together.  This kind of time together won't happen again probably ever.

I am beyond excited. 

 Congrats to Ryan and anyone else who finished up the bar today!  

18 July 2012

Fountain of Youth

A while ago Ryan and I had a short conversation that went a little something like this:

Ryan: "How old am I?"
Me: "28."
Ryan: "Really?"
Me: "Yes."
Ryan: "I thought I was 26."
Me: "I wish, that would make me 25.  I would love to be 25."

And I would.  This whole aging thing hasn't been easy for me.
I was good with twenty-four.  To me twenty-four still felt really young.  When I hit twenty-five though, I cried.  I cried hard.  That twenty-fifth birthday was not a happy one for me at all.  I cried on my twenty-sixth birthday also.  I don't think I cried on my twenty-seventh, but Ryan might remember differently.  I probably did, I'm a crier.

So what's my problem?  NO CLUE.  Twenty-seven is not old.  I just don't like the idea of getting older I guess - trying to get over that.  I tend to look back at the year and stew over what I haven't done and haven't accomplished rather than get excited about what I can do and can accomplish in the year ahead.

Pessimistic me.

This is one reason why I think I love Disneyland so much.  I have so many memories of the place and it actually makes me feel hopelessly optimistic.  Disneyland is my fountain of youth.  I feel eternally young whenever I'm there.

The Happiest Place on Earth makes me feel like the child who would ooh and awe over the magnificence of the castle and who got nervous before going on a "big" ride.  It makes me feel like the kid who couldn't imagine having a better time with her family, the little cheerleader running around with her squad from ride to ride, the teenager having the time of her life with her best friends, the wife showing her doubtful husband all of her favorite spots and discovering that he loves it there too...It really is magical.

My entire family is venturing to Walt's wonderful creation in a little over two weeks.

Nine adults and four pretty new babies - it's going to be a little hectic to say the least.  B won't remember one little bit of it but he'll have scads and scads of pictures to look at when he's older.  I'm positive there will be more Disney trips in the future for our little family and even though I'll be entering the Magic Kingdom as an "old" mom I know I'll feel more youthful than ever as I see the magic unfold in front of my babies' eyes.

And even though he won't remember, I'm pretty sure B will feel some of that magic this time around.

Wish us luck though, FOUR babies at Disney.  We're crazy.

06 July 2012


I am becoming a lover of the head scarf.  See here.  Possibly because I hardly wear my hair down.  B's grip is just too tight and he loves the hair.  Boy does that boy ever love the hair.  I get kinda bored of the plain ol' messy bun.

Problem is, I only have one.  Does someone want to send me 10 or so more??  Thanks.

4th of July was fun.  We spent it with most of my family (minus Erin, Brad, and babies)

I will always dress in red, white, and blue on the Fourth.  Always.

We have a cute little crabby butt on our hands.  I think he's teething.

He also likes to try and eat his cousin.

Aren't they cute little patriots?

The end.

Road Trip

Last week our family of three made the trek across the country from Virginia to Washington state.

Yes, Washington state.  My parents moved.  Sad :(

Someday I would like to take a leisurely road trip across the country where we see the sights and take the back roads.  But alas, the bar looms ahead in the very near future and it just wasn't possible this time around.

One thing that was reaffirmed to me during this trip though is that the US of A is a B-eauty.  Through the greenery of Virginia, the cornfields of Illinois, the plains of Nebraska, the sagebrush of Wyoming, the mountains of Utah, and the pine filled scenery of Oregon, I just loved the view (okay, got a little sick of the sagebrush).

It didn't hurt that my view also consisted of this little one:

 He was a trooper let me tell you.  We drove 2800 miles in 4 days.  B spent a lot of time in his car seat.  I'd be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

So what do you do in a car seat for 4 days?  Well, you do a lot of playing:

 You look at yourself

You eat

You sleep (like an angel)

You stick toys in your mouth

You get bored of eating in a normal fashion so you eat with your leg up in the air (silly little bug)

Oh yeah, and you cry.  Bry was not a fan of being put back in his car seat time and time again.

And that's it.  Kind of boring for an infant.  Poor little baby, but again - TROOPER.

We still have a lot of traveling ahead this summer so wish us luck!