27 April 2012

Excitement and Non-Excitement

Things that I am currently excited about:

  • Ryan and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday.  Go us.
  • This little man - I am always excited about him

  • That B got to wear his Duke sweatsuit (I found it at Marshalls for 8 bucks - why was there one in Charlottesville?  No clue.  Was it fate that I found it?  Yes)

  • My sister had her twin baby girls and they are healthy and cute and sweet and I want to hold them.

  • This cover of Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know."  I'm not a super huge fan of the original.  Pentatonix version is awesome

  • Our summer plans!  We're staying with Ryan's parents for a month and with my parents for a little over a month.  We're also doing a SoCal/Disney trip with my family in August.  B gets to meet all of his cute Curry cousins.
  • Ryan is almost done with law school!  Three years has flown by.

Things I am currently not excited about:
  • Leaving Charlottesville - well, actually leaving Virginia in general.   I love it here.  I love the green, I love the history, and I love so many memories we've made here.  Change is really hard for me.  Sadness.
  • Driving across the country to Oregon with a baby.  Will this be awful?  I hope not.
  • Ryan is entering finals season which means he is gone a lot more - preparing us for firm life I suppose.
  • I'm an extremely paranoid person who thinks my son displays symptoms of every single disease known to mankind.  How do I get over this?  I'm hoping that it is just a new mommy thing.

I think I should have started with the "not excited" and ended on the good note.  All in all, things are much more exciting than non-exciting.  Changes are a'comin!  I hope this next chapter in our lives is just as great as the previous.

10 April 2012

Date Night

A couple of weeks ago Ryan and I drove up to Northern Virginia to stay with his mom and see the Cherry Blossoms.  I L-O-V-E the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Love love love, but that's actually not what this post is about at all.  

We decided to go to the Hunger Games on Friday night because I really wanted to see it and Cindy said she would watch the little babers.  We decided to leave pretty early because it was the day after opening night and I would never pay to sit anywhere near the front row.  Ryan estimated that we would be gone for four hours.  Yes, FOUR hours.  That is a super long time and I started to get a little anxious about leaving.  Not because I don't trust my mother-in-law (she knows what she is doing - I'm definitely still learning this whole mothering thing), but because I had never left B for that long.

Cue - small headache prior to leaving

I really must have been more than a little anxious because small headache slowly turned to one of the worst migraines I have had since my first semester teaching.  Stress + me = migraines.  Migraines + me = nausea.  My first year teaching I got about two a week and somehow only called in once to miss school.  When you are a teacher, missing school is so much more stressful than driving an hour to work, teaching all day long, throwing up at work, and driving an hour home - weird.  I just really hated writing sub plans.

ANYWAY - I figured if I could teach with a migraine, I could definitely finish a movie with one.  I finished the movie, started feeling delirious as Ryan drove back to the condo, and threw up right when we got back.

Yay.  Other than that, I'd say that our first date after B's birth was a success.  The movie was good (although the filming was pretty bumpy which didn't help the headache) and he was a little sleeping angel while we were gone.  

I luckily felt much better the next day so we ventured off to the aforementioned Cherry Blossom Festival.  The rain cut our day short and had caused a lot of the blossoms to fall but it was still beautiful!  

Since I'm incapable of posting without pictures:

And here is the cute little boot:

Love him.