25 March 2012


Sometimes I forget how much shorter I am than Ryan.  Then I see a picture like this:

I never forget how cute that little baby is though.

Ryan blessed the little bubs today.  It was so sweet.  How adorable is he?

Love both of them...A LOT

13 March 2012


Remember how this bubs was born 5 and a half weeks ago!?!?

February 3, 2012
6 pounds 11.7 ounces
19.25 inches long

He is the cutest little baby and we can't get enough of him.  
B is growing like CRAZY.  Time goes by way too fast - I can't believe he is almost 6 weeks old.  

Pictures of the babe:
 Back before his hair started falling out
 He loves to sleep
 He loves to stare 
 He loves when his grandmas are here
He loves making this "ooooh" face
 He loves being twins with daddy
He loves his seahorse
 He loves to scream and cry
 He loves falling asleep on walks
 He LOVES looking at daddy
 He loves being cute
 He loves dressing up in Duke attire while trying to keep a way too big pacifier in his mouth

 He loves kisses
He loves having a kissable little facey
 He hates baths but loves looking so cute in his hooded towels
 He hates getting strapped in to his carseat but loves falling asleep in it
 He loves having his hands by his face all the time
 He is getting to love his bouncer
 He loves cute little church outfits from the Petersons
 He loves sleeping like a little angel (actually he is the loudest sleeper in the world)
 I love that he is ours
 WE sure love him

I'm documenting B's growth:
It was not easy getting him to sit still - he is a mover!  A little bit more about bubsy:

He smiles 
He coos sometimes
He doesn't like to keep his arms and legs still
He is very observant and curious - I love watching him take in the world
He is gaining weight rapidly and becoming the cutest little chubs
He is no where NEAR sleeping through the night
He is definitely a daddy's boy
He screams very loudly
We adore him