10 December 2011

Finals and Other Fun

It is finals season for Ryan.  Since he's a good little law student, he is rarely to be found away from a book/computer/outline.  A lot of times though he studies at home so I still get to hang out with him.  Well, kind of.  He's usually tuning me out with his headphones.  We'll look at each other every now and then and speak a couple of words but for the most part he's studying. 

Other than when he falls asleep studying:

Unfortunately for Ryan, he has a wife who will whip out the camera when she notices him sleeping at his computer.  It was really cute.  His finger kept twitching like he was typing in his sleep.

When he woke up from his 15 minute power nap I told him that it looked like he was typing even though he was clearly asleep.  Apparently he was - he was still productive while sleeping.  Incredible.

Outcome of sleep typing:

I highly doubt it will help him on his finals.

In other fun and exciting news:
  • Our cutest ever little niece was born and she is a doll.  Since she's not my baby I won't post a picture but she is the most precious little thing on earth.

  • I look like this now - take in the giganticness

33 weeks...still 7 more to go (meh)

  • Several friends threw me and two other girls a baby shower partAY the other week.  They did such an excellent job.  It's good that there are super creative people in this world because I am certainly not.

We are all having boys and are all due around the same time - it's going to be fun!!

  • We leave in a couple weeks to spend Christmas with the Clydes in Vegas/St. George - so excited!!

  • That's all