23 October 2011


Yesterday Ryan and I drove to the Natural Bridge Zoo to pet baby tiger Zeus and get a picture with him.  He was SUPER cute and hungry.   I pretty much want a baby tiger now.  Wait, I already wanted one before - now the desire is just magnified by 100 or so.  Have you ever seen this movie?  Baby tigers are the best.  I love kitties.

Don't you just want to cuddle him?

Thank you to Ryan for taking me - excellent idea!

09 October 2011


Over the past 3.5 years that we've been married Ryan has become more and more of a softie.  It has been a gradual change - but I think I'll even win the pets in the house argument eventually - WOOHOO!

I have several pieces of evidence to prove Ryan's increasing softiness

Exhibit A:

Christmas 2010 - Ryan lets a cat, yes a CAT sleep with him.  Now, granted this isn't just any cat - Tinkerbell can win over the scroogiest of Scrooges.  Ryan is certainly no Scrooge so he really didn't have a chance.  STILL - if you know Ryan then this is beyond shocking.  He'll pet kitties every now and then but this used to be a line that he just wouldn't cross.  SOFTIE.

 Exhibit B:

Ryan's trusty companion - the planner he has used all year - is a Mickey planner.   One of his doodles of choice (among the Duke D and a basketball) is even Mickey himself.  He liked Disney before but the like has catapulted into a love. Disney fan = SOFTIE. 

Exhibit C:

 Recently we discovered a little mouse in our apartment.  I'm actually a big fan of mice and their cute little faces but really disliked having one in our apartment.  When finding a trap for the little guy, Ryan looked specifically for one that wouldn't kill the mouse.  Instead it just traps him in this little container and then you set it free. This morning Ryan caught the mouse, put it in a box, and drove miles away to set it free.  Ryan saving the mouse's life = SOFTIE.

He knows it too - he told me so today on the way to church.  He also said it's my fault - would he have ever freed a mouse before me?  Nope, wouldn't have even crossed his mind. 

I've certainly softened Ryan a bit, but our little guy is slowly melting him.  I'm excited to see these boys together.