25 September 2011

Europe Trip 2011

When we got back from our trip in August my big project was to make a book of some (definitely not all) of our pictures. I finished it over Labor Day weekend and it came a couple weeks ago. I really love the result. I'm definitely not a scrapbooker by nature so this kind of thing is much easier for me. Anyway, I didn't know I could "share" it until Sara put one up on her blog. I'll probably still post about each section of our trip but here are some pictures for now! It takes a while to load, sorry. I'd actually click on the link because you can see it a lot larger and it loads way way faster. Shutterfly is awesome by the way.

18 September 2011

Hey, Summer Isn't Over Yet

Almost - Summer is almost over - but not yet. So.....I don't feel bad that I'm just barely writing about it. It was pretty fun with lots of exciting little/big trips. Then we got back and got really busy in about 2.5 seconds and I've been much too tired to write a blogitty post so I just didn't. Whoopsie.

My summer fun started immediately after school let out - I got to fly to Indiana and hang out with these pretties. We didn't take a ton of pictures but had an excellent week picking strawberries, visiting museums, and playing around/relaxing. It was my first time meeting baby Daphne and about a year since I had seen Jena so this trip felt long overdue. We didn't take too many pictures but had some fun frolicking around the strawberry patch with my little camera. Daphne was almost as excited about the strawberries as Jena and me. Jena made an incredible strawberry rhubard pie that we devoured in about a day I think (did it last that long Jen????) Someday I might be able to cook/bake as well as she does...doubt it though. Sorry Ryan.
I also got to fly home to Oregon to watch the Pooks play lots and lots of baseball. My brother is awesome just so you know....he doesn't even mind that I call him Pooka.

Every single person in this picture was mad at me for taking it. What's up with people not liking pictures? I love them.

Ryan and I flew to Utah in late July to see Caitlyn and Paul get married. If you look closely at this picture you can see her shoes. They are by far the best most snazzy wedding shoes I've ever seen in my life.

I like this picture of Ryan looking like he owns the steps of Manti Temple....or like he just won an Olympic gold medal. In all reality, no medal was found...he was probably just goofing off to keep himself from resenting the fact that his right-hand man was MIA (for good reason though...MTC). We all miss Coleman a lot.

Notice that the sisters are oblivious to Ryan's antics. They are very very used to it.

Immediately after this trip we flew to London. I'll be posting about that trip very soon. It was the best.

Lest you think my/out entire summer was spent tripping around all over the place - the majority of it was spent in Dallas, TX underneath the horrible awfulness of the scorching sun. Other than the heat Dallas was great which is good since we are going to be living there in a year!! Yay Ryan.

Now we're just back to school/work life. Things have been pretty quiet around here minus the earthquakes and hurricanes and such. We're also eagerly also awaiting the arrival of this little bundle of joy in early 2012. Isn't the back of his/her head the cutest?

Cute Cute Cute.