26 May 2011


So my phone stopped working right after my 2 year Verizon plan ran out. I was really looking forward to paying month to month.

I don't think it's a coincidence. I even told that to the customer service lady on the phone. She assured me that Verizon doesn't commit fraud and has no way to make phones stop working after plans run out. I'm not convinced.

But in all honesty, why do I care? I know Verizon is going to be my carrier for the next few years and I get a phone upgrade now. Still...I'm bugged - very very bugged.

Speaking of bugged. My room at school is filled with flies once again. Last year was filthy. I got these fly trappers that worked so well they were dripping with dead flies after a couple of weeks. It was really disgusting. I put one up yesterday and have caught only 4. They continue to buzz and buzz and buzz around my room. Some boys in my 1st block killed over 15 this morning though. They've created a competition - tally marks and all.

Anyway, a girl told me my fly trap was kind of inhumane. PETA will be knocking at my door any minute.

Now I'm starting to feel bad for those flies. Should I?

23 May 2011


Have you ever had one of those mornings where you are pretty sure the universe is telling you to go back to bed!?

The problem with those mornings is that you almost always can't go back to bed. Life obligations/responsibilities just get in the way.

Many many aspects of my morning routine conspired against me today. I was in a very grumpy mood by the time 7:50am rolled around.

First my alarm clock decided to stop correctly "snoozing." It went off just fine but didn't go back off after I hit snooze. I woke up 10 minutes later than usual which isn't really a huge deal (definitely not as bad as waking up 5 minutes before I have to leave) but still peeved me a little bit.

Then, while applying my makeup I searched and searched and searched for my mascara. It was no where to be found. I still don't know where it is. While looking I found a really old bottle of mascara with a tiny bit left inside. I used that as best I could. Five minutes wasted. Culprit? Either I placed it somewhere and just can't remember where or the mascara bottle grew legs and hid somewhere. I'll go with the latter.

Getting dressed came next - easy enough. For some reason, though, every single item I tried on this morning looked disgusting on me. Why? I don't know. I haven't figured out whether the conspirator was my mind, body, mirror, or clothes. Many minutes lost.

On to breakfast! I poured my cereal -- no problem. I poured the milk -- no problem. I sat down to check my email and eat my breakfast at the speed of light since I'd already lost 20 minutes of my morning - no problem. I scooped up my cereal and took a bite - big problem.

Sour, nasty milk. Gross. I blame Kroger and their inability to properly label milk expiration dates.

By this point I was not a happy camper. I threw my bowl into the sink, opened a new carton of milk, ate incredibly fast, cursed the stupid wastefulness of my morning, and started to run out the door prepared to deal with a hectic, stressful day.

Oooh - forgot to pack my lunch - ran back into the kitchen, threw my stuff in my paper sack, and then ran out the door fully prepared for a hectic, stressful day.

You know what though? Today was a really good day. The universe wasn't telling me to go back to bed - it was just telling me that I'm not a morning person. Actually, it was telling me I'm not really an alone person. Usually in the morning Ryan wakes me up if I'm not awake on time. He helps me find things I've lost (not that it happens often..wink wink). He tells me I look good when I really don't think I do and he almost always makes my lunch. He evens lets me vent about Kroger NEVER labeling the milk right.

Not that I'm always bright-eyed and ready to start the day when he's here but he certainly makes my mornings a whole lot better.

I really hope this month goes quickly.

16 May 2011


I don't have many Seniors in my classes this semester but the ones I do teach have all come down with extreme cases of Senioritis. This, however, is to be expected. Who hasn't had this before? Many of us have and we all survived relatively unscathed. I contracted the dreaded illness very early on in my senior year of high school and while it didn't affect my academic life, it did significanly influence my every day appearance.

My senior year consisted of rolling out of bed, taking a quick shower (I am unable to start a day without a shower), throwing my wet hair up in an unattractive bun-thingy, sliding into my favorite sweatpants, and heading off to face the day looking pretty disheveled (to put it nicely). I also quit extracurriculars I was involved in and focused only on school, job, and best friends. School social activities/extracurriculars? Forget about it. I was so ready to be out of there. In retrospect though I only caught a minor case of the disease - I still liked the school part of school - just not the social part.

I have discovered an even more threatening disease though. It's called Summeritis. Summeritis has overtaken my school in recent weeks and is spreading like the Black Plague - highly contagious, knocking out about half the student population. Summeritis shows no mercy for anybody, grade level doesn't matter. Yes, it targets Seniors (simply adding to the sickness) but preys on Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.


Inability to focus

Oh yeah - teachers fall victim to it as well.

And i'll admit it...

I've caught Summeritis.

Pray for me

10 May 2011


Spring Break was lovely. Isn't any break lovely? It is just so much fun to look forward to a break for weeks on end and then feel completely liberated the moment that break arrives. Ryan and I did make spring break plans but I think I would have been excited even I knew the break would consist of sitting around our aparment doing nothing. Our plans were definitely more fun than that but breaks are just a good thing to have no matter what you do.

We headed down to Williamsburg to soak up some history and fun. I had heard some great things about Colonial Williamsburg but was very disappointed with our experience. The day started off well but it was cold and a little rainy. I'm guessing they don't hold as many programs or open as many shops when the weather is bad because once we got to the "heart" of Colonial Williamsburg all there was to do was stare at old buildings and eat really bad food. Don't get me wrong - I really love old buildings. I just don't like paying over 50 dollars to stare at them.

Like I said though...the day started out well. We walked through the gardens of the governer's mansion. They were beautiful.

This maze was pretty fun too.

And then the rest of the day was like this...sitting, and standing, and staring (in the cold no less).

I'm being a pretty big downer about Colonial Williamsburg. I'm kind of sorry about that but mostly not. It was 50 dollars! I expect a lot when I shell out 50 dollars. I thought the town would be bustling with colonial clad actors and actresses who stayed completely in character and talked to us about the concerns of the time period. This was just not so...not at all. Ryan made up a new word for my really high expectations that are often not met. He says I "Disnify" things. I thought about protesting his new word and his attributing this action to me but I realized that I most deifinitely do this. I know that I do....all the time. I like Disnifying things though so I'm probably going to keep on doing it. Maybe next time I go to Williamsburg it will be Disnified and incredibly fun. I will not give up hope.

Our next stop in Williamsburg was Busch Gardens. It's a European themed amusement park and was pretty fun. My favorite part was the animals (surprised?) of course. This falcon was pretty cute.

Right when we entered this pretty large caged off area a bird flew right to Ryan. It just sat on his shoulder like they were best buds....SO exciting.

After snapping this picture I turned into a crazy jealous person. Why was a bird just chillin on Ryan's shoulder and not mine? I'm the one who likes birds. Animals are attracted to Ryan like there is no tomorrow and he's usually pretty indifferent to them.

Anyway, I moped for a little while and tried to get a bird to come to me but it just wouldn't happen until we bought this crazy expensive bird food. At least I can bribe birds to come.

Pretty, pretty bird.

Our last day in Williamsburg took us to the beach and then Jamestown.

It's been about 3 years since we've been to a beach. I will not be waiting that long again.

I scoured the beach for shells for quite a while (resulting in a fun sun burn for both of us) but found some gorgeous shells that I used to make a souvenir picture frame. I'm thanking Ryan for humoring me because he was ready to leave long before I was satisified with my shell collection.

I want to put up a picture of Jamestown because it rocked my socks off but it has taken me too long to put up these other pictures and I'm sick of writing this post. We had so much fun though, learned an incredible amount from our tour guide, and left wishing we could stay longer. Jamestown was free because it was national park week and I even won a little prize for guessing a question right. Colonial Williamsburg - please learn from Jamestown.

Next break of mine is in about 4 weeks! SUMMER break will consist of living in Dallas for the summer (Ryan has an internship), visiting Jena (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in Indianapolis, and heading on a two week long excursion to....



Drum roll please



London, Paris, and Ireland! I am so excited I can hardly concentrate on anything other than planning and thinking about our trip.

Before that though - Ryan has to finish finals and then leave me for a month (insert huge sad face with tears and looks of terror since I hate living alone). That I am not looking forward to. All of the other stuff will get me through though (insert huge happy face).