12 April 2011


Not much has been going on as of late. The weather has been pretty schitzo, Ryan has been writing a paper, I've started to try and make myself run. That's about it. We are super boring.

The most exciting part of my month has been a new addition to our apartment: Ryan's beard. I love it. No, I LOVE it. Ryan does not love it so much but he's keeping it for now.

On Saturday, however, he said he was shaving it off so I decided to document the Ryan beard. I made up a little game called "paparazzi" where I followed Ryan around snapping pictures and yelling his name.

Our celebrity was just a little camera shy at first... Then I got the "Uh, what are you doing?" look The "Okay, I'm pretending you aren't doing this right now" look An action shot...chug that water! The "I'm laughing at you because you're weird" look
The "I'm angry that the paparazzi is following me around so I'm coming at you with a golf club" look. That one scared me so I quit (kidding...Ryan carries the club around to hit golf balls, not me).

And what is this? Ryan playing golf INSIDE (soft golf ball). This is his favorite thing to do in the entire world. Actually playing basketball is....then playing real golf...then playing golf inside. Ryan almost always has a golf club attached to his hand. Obsessed? It really needs to warm up so we can go play.

We did get to play tennis on Saturday even though it was freezing. I thought we could coax Charlottesville into spring by spending time outside. This strategy almost worked..yesterday it was over 80 degrees. Today...50 something. Tricky tricky mother nature. It better be nice for my spring break. We're heading to Williamsburg and I am so so ready for a break I can hardly contain myself. I love spring break.

Point of this post:

I love Ryan's beard

I love following him around taking pictures

He loves golfing - inside...outside...wherever

I love spring breaks