26 March 2011


YouTube videos I like right now...

Ryan winning the UVA Intramural 3 Point Contest

I think it is so awesome that we have a video of this! He is pretty mad about that last rack but the fourth one is insane.

Briefly bragging again....just warning

Ryan also won the BYU Intramural 3 point contest in 2006 and he made every.single.basket.


Street Corner Symphony: Down On The Corner.

Acapella CCR masterpiece. I love love love it. For some reason this song makes me want to sit on a porch and drink lemonade. I have no idea why since that isn't what the song is about.

The lead singer's voice is so smooooooth. I could listen to it all day long.

Baby Laughing

So so funny and cute! I hope I can make my baby laugh like this someday.

Surprised Kitty

This one is really old but I watch it at least once a week. I actually showed it to one of my classes before they took a test to help ease some anxiety. I want it...not the video, the cat. Actually pretty much any kitty will do.

YouTube...thank you. You bring so much entertainment to my life.

01 March 2011


So I'm going to brag a little bit (just a little bit). Ryan just won 500 dollars for winning the UVA Intramural 3 Point Contest. He is good.

He made if to the contest final in January and then shot during half time of Virginia game tonight. Not only did he win, but he looked pretty c-u-t-e while doing so.

I kind of like him (and not just because he just brought home some moola).

In other news...we went to a Duke/UVA game a couple weeks ago. Can you guess who we were rooting for?

It was fun to see them play live! Ryan went to Cameron Indoor at the beginning of January and I don't think any Duke game will every compare to that but he's taking advantage of seeing his team whenever he gets a chance.

Bring on March Madness...