22 January 2011

The Horror

Once upon a time there existed a small village that sprung to life at Christmas time.

The tiny village people lived very simple lifestyles - they knew little more than ice skating, caroling, and playing in the snow.

Visitors were extremely rare in this little Christmas town. It was nestled away high up in the mountains, isolated from the outside world. The inhabitants were content though. They were happy to celebrate in their traditional, child-like ways.

Until one day, they did receive a visitor--a very unique and interesting stranger. Dangerous? Nobody knew. Communication was impossible, for the foreigner was none other than a giant cat.

The villagers at first hoped that the feline was a passerby who would carry on her way soon. The imposing kitten had different plans, however, and became very cozy at the north end of the charming hamlet.

This particular cat seemed peaceful. She even took extreme care not to step on any of the villagers or houses when she walked through town. She was perfectly calm and endearing in her own special way. The townspeople quickly came to accept this strange creature. Some even felt she was sent to protect their beloved home.

False security can be one of the most dangerous distractions. As most owners of these illustrious creatures know, cats can be extremely hard to please. It doesn't take much to send a purring ball of fluffy perfection into a mad rage. To this day no one knows what set the giant kitten off. The trauma left the sole survivor mute and unwilling to write of the nightmare. We only know that one frosty night in the middle of a Yule-tide celebration the unassuming feline struck, suddenly and swiftly.

She destroyed everything in her path, leaving the once vibrant community a ghost town.

Maybe she had a nightmare of her own and woke up in a frenzy. Maybe she grew tired of children playing on her tail. Maybe she was just ready to live alone.

We will never know. We can only mourn for the lovely Christmas village that is no more.