16 October 2010

Summer in October

Yes, I'm still writing about the summer in October...kind of sad. I'm also watching BYU football and Jake Heaps just got sacked...really sad.

My online journal has really suffered lately but I'm going to try and do better because my memory is awful and I think this blog will be a good thing to look back on in later years.

I had the summer off which was rather excellent because I got to go home for a little while. Ryan and I love it out here but we both REALLY love the Northwest and I always miss it there. Add that to missing my family and Oregon becomes pretty high on my list of favorite places to be.

My mom, dad, and Pooka had just barely gotten back from Hawaii (poor, poor people) so I looked like a ghost compared to them. I'm not sure if we even look related in the picture below. Also, please notice how they are all wearing RED in these pictures. If you know my mom at all then you might find that a little odd. It isn't November yet though so I guess I'll give her a break. I'd be happy if my entire wardrobe was red but it's definitely not her favorite.

Alyssa fits right in there w/ me. Ghosts.

My cat is cute and funny...end of story.

Tink is also cute. Word is that she misses Pooks who has moved off to college.

Fate just happened to make it so Jena and I were in the Northwest at the same time so I drove up to Washington and stole her from Bryce to spend some time with moi. We did a lot of sitting around talking but also made the trek to Silver Falls.

Sleeze (Can I call you that still since you're a mom now?) was just about the cutest pregnant woman and now has basically the cutest baby. I think I spent most of her trip with me oohing and ahhing over baby Daphne and trying to feel her kick. Love you both!

Right after I got back from Oregon, Ryan and I headed to Dallas for the 4th of July weekend to spend some time with the Clydes. It was a really quick trip but packed with some fun activities and so much fun to see everyone.

Horse races and downtown DallasThe end of the summer took us to Southern California to spend some time at DISNEYLAND and then to Utah for Lindsey and Joe's wedding.

Happy couple
Emily and Logan/Ryan and me

Good looking group those Clydes. How pretty is Lindsey?

It was also a lot of fun to see Erin and Brad while we were in Provo! I don't see them near often enough. We fed baby ducks and now I want one.

We're looking foward to when we get to see everyone again soon. Never seems to be enough though!

Ryan is going to write our Disneyland post so stay tuned. He loved it.