25 August 2010

Summer: The District

Summer has been over for me for about 2 weeks now and I just can't stop reminiscing. We had a whole lot of fun. Ryan worked but I got to play for most of it...hehe. Now I'm back to work and it's a nice change but I sort of long for the freedom of summer. This longing and reminiscing have led to a blog post...actually multiple because I don't have time to include it all at once.

So...here is some of our D.C. summer.

We lived a stone's throw away from Iwo Jima so we had a wonderful view of D.C.


We stayed in the red brick apartments right behind the memorial (you can sort of see it below)

We also got to enjoy the National Cathedral again. I've missed this place..just gorgeous.

Another thing I REALLY enjoyed was our mule-pulled canal boat ride in Georgetown. It was short but sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I highly recommend if you think that you'd find the history of the C and O canal interesting. Even if you wouldn't, I still recommend it.

The tour guide pronounced mule like myu. I loved it. Isn't this myu a cutie?

Here is the water pouring in the lock so the canal boat could raise up. Pretty fun!

Us and our FREE Dr. Pepper (next to me) that was handed to us as we walked through Georgetown to the canal. We were dying of heat (really, we were) so it was incredibly excellent timing. That DP saved my life. If you like us at all thank it.

Being pulled...
And now the last part of the post...the zoo! Animals all over the place...except for when we went. I think it was too blasted hot for them so we pretty much just saw this little guy:
oooh...AND my kitties were out so it was well worth it.

I'll never get enough of the zoo.

As we were heading out of the zoo we kept complaining about how hot we were and how we really wished we could get some free Dr. Pepper again. Guess what was right outside? A cart handing out nothing but FREE DR. PEPPER. Score.

We also took a tour of the East Wing, watched fireflies, Smithsonianed it up, and marveled at the monuments. Ryan had a great experience on the judiciary committee and is about to start school again and I've already begun. Oh the joys of reality! Summers are just so dreamy..looking forward to the next.

Sometime relatively soon I'm planning on posting about some summer trips...stay tuned.