14 February 2010

I Love

The Olympics are just magical for some reason. I love them, both summer and winter. And it truly truly is winter, evidenced by:


I haven't worked in two weeks and am looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Today, though, I'm looking forward to having a very happy Valentine's Day. Yay.

Dinner soon
Finishing off this
Watching Pair's figure skating (how appropriate)

and of course:

*my valentine*

04 February 2010

Name That Storm

I have cabin fever and there is no end in sight!

Oh well, at least one positive of all this snow is that the newscasters get to make up fun names for each storm. The December 19th storm has been termed the "Holiday Punch." Creative! Last Saturday was called the "Saturday Slap" by several stations. Yay for alliteration. Tomorrow we'll most likely be targeted again by Father Winter. Whatever will this storm be named?

02 February 2010

Snow Days

I never thought I would ever feel this way but I am over snow days. Since returning from Christmas break we have had five. FIVE! The first two or three were very nice because my school district has built in snow days but we are now going to start adding days to June and I really don't want to teach that far into summer. Ryan will be in D.C. starting in May and every added day to June means the more time I will spend alone. Frown for me.

These snow days would have been heaven sent if they happened last semester when I definitely would have paid to have extra days to plan. Now they are just relaxing so I guess all I can do is revel in that.

Forecast for Central Virginia: Snow tonight and then snow on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I think that Virginians should just step up and learn to function even when there is scary white stuff on the ground.

If only UVA would cancel school too so I could spend more time with Ry. THAT would be a snow day I could revel in.