20 January 2010


Love this Birthday Boy.

17 January 2010

Back in Action

December 17, 2009 and January 14, 2010 marked two very spectacular days in our lives. The first being Ryan's last final of his first semester in law school and the second being the last day of my first semester teaching. I don't know about Ryan, but I am SOOOOOOO happy that that is over (I'm pretty sure he is too)!

Now here are my thoughts on both:

Hello law school! Are you aware that students need the opportunity to sleep, eat, and interact with the outside world? Apparently not. Also, I've glanced through some of the million pages of reading that you gave to my husband and none of it makes sense. It's a good thing Ryan gets it.

Maybe someday Ryan will give the low-down on his first semester experiences but I don't think I ever want to experience law school myself. It seems way too theory based (but that might just be the first year, who knows) which I just do not like at all.

Now on to you first semester of teaching. Three preps for a brand new teacher when only four classes are taught each semester anyway is FAR too much. Basketball cheerleading thrown in there is just a back breaker. I never want to live through you again. Never.

Teaching is fun, hard, and tiring. It is definitely rewarding in some ways but I was so stressed this past semester that I really didn't notice much. This might also be because I am usually a perfectionist who only sees my failures. I'm looking forward to letting that go this semester and improving what I already have planned.

Christmas break was just wonderful this year. We saw both families again (minus Erin and Brad), de-stressed, celebrated, played, and slept a lot. Getting to Oregon was not the most fun. We got stuck for three days in the gigantic blizzard that hit the East Coast. It timed itself perfectly I must say (not). Alaska Airlines was particularly horrible in their customer service "attempts" but our 8+ hours of sitting on hold and talking to agents paid off and we were able to get on a flight the Tuesday after our original Saturday flight. The hardest part about going home is coming back. It isn't that I don't like it out here, because I do. I just wish we lived closer to everyone so we could see them more often.
A few of the my favorite parts of the trip were:
Shooting (watching others, I'm horrible. I didn't like that part)
Watching my dad's band play at a party
Seattle with the Clydes
Cuddling with Kit
Settlers and Wii
Just spending time with our families

And since I hate posting without pictures here are a few of our break: