31 October 2009

Love This

We've listened to this many many times over the past few days. I told Ryan it reminds me of him because I can picture him calling me "kid" as a nickname. His reply? "That's because I do call you that sometimes." I knew that my memory was bad but never thought it was that bad. My mind is failing me. I think it needs more sleep :)

I love it. Michael Buble is great.

10 October 2009

I miss this baby

Cutest little lion's mane
HUGE and fluffy

Freckled nose...


Loves to sleep

Yes, I'm obsessed with cats....mostly with this kitty.
I need a pet.

01 October 2009


Well, it's been a while. I was trying to do a good job of keeping an online scrapbook and writing about once a week. That obviously didn't work out so well!

Things have been a bit crazy lately. Ryan and I have both thrown the whole "balanced life" thing out the window for the time being which has been hard. Hopefully we'll learn a lot during these next few years.

Ryan has started law school which can be really overwhelming at times. He's a very hard worker and I'm proud of what he's accomplishing right now. He pretty much goes to class and studies constantly. He has a fall break coming up next week which will be good to help him get ahead.

I got a job teaching Ancient World History, Modern World History, and World Geography at a high school kind of near by. I have a 50 minute commute each way which isn't much worse than what my commute was on D.C. Metro (and we know how much I loved that commute) so it hasn't been too bad. Other than driving to school and teaching all I ever do is plan lessons. We both feel like school completely defines our lives at the moment and are looking forward to when things settle down a little bit.

That's it folks. Seriously, come on over and check us out...we will be studying/planning (or I will be writing a blog when I should be planning). I think we're a little boring. I sadly have no pictures of our new city or of our 6 weeks here..not much to document!

I will leave you with some pictures of the REALLY fun stuff we did during the last part of our time in Alexandria (I really really miss it there). These are not in order at all.

If you like animals and come to D.C. go to the National Zoo. Orangutans swing over you.

How much do you think I love this kitty?
I really wanted to take him home

Gettysburg with the Clydes (some not all)

Hanging around D.C with Cindy and Coleman

Fourth of July on the National Mall
We had to get there really early..it was worth it but a little tiring.

We went to the Fourth of July Concert that we thought would be patriotic (like the Memorial Day Concert) but it was not. We were pretty disappointed BUT we did discover a new obsession with Jersey Boys.
We played a lot of games with Meech and Nate, had a picnic, slept (we got to the mall 4 hours before fireworks)..it was perfect weather so it worked. If it would have been hot I would have died.
We also went to Gettysburg with Michelle and Nate (can't get enough of that place). When are we going back Ryan?

Twentieth Maine monument. Chamberlain = my hero (thank you Jeff Shaara)

Hopefully someday we will get to explore Charlottesville! It is really pretty down here and I'm excited to go see Monticello.