31 May 2009


April showers this year brought not only May flowers but a whole new set of May showers. Spring is gorgeous here, wet but gorgeous. Now, even though summer is not officially here, it feels and looks a lot more like it. The blossoms are gone, but Virginia is now rivaling the green of the Great Northwest. I used to get this feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach whenever summer neared. Summer has usually been a more carefree time - a break from school, time off work to spend with the family, a less crowded BYU campus. This year I was really excited about May. We got to see the Curry side of the family a couple times for weddings, got to stay with the Clyde's in Washington for a couple nights, and my mom and dad came out to visit last week. At the end of my parents visit I started to feel like the excitement was over before summer even began. To be honest, I haven't even been looking forward to summer - it'll be like any other season this year except we'll get the added bonus of sweating to death in humidity and trying to zig zag our way through millions of tourists.

But that's just the pessimist in me coming out. It likes to do that sometimes.
Wednesday night, though, reversed my anti-summer sentiment.
As my Ryan, my mom, my dad, and I walked out of the car to our apartment building (my parents last night sniff sniff) I couldn't help loving the smell and cool, but muggy feeling of the summer-like evening. I felt peaceful, carefree. Then I saw them:

I've had a small fascination with fireflies for the last several years. I was hoping that we would see them when we moved out here but I didn't see any last fall. When I came out here in the Fall of 2007 I thought that I saw one while I was out on a walk but could never figure out if I actually had or if my eyes were just playing tricks with me. Besides, I was walking alone and had no one to share my excitement with. What's the point of being excited if there is no one around to share it with?

So, I'll count this as my first firefly sighting, and boy was I excited (and if you don't believe me remember that I took several pictures and had Ryan tape the occasion).

The humidity that comes with Virginia summer does have it's benefits. Now I am looking forward to summer. The upcoming season makes it possible to:

see fireflies

run outside

travel around to Civil War battlefields

tan my bright whites (aka my legs)

watch thunderstorms

sit outside at lunch

and so. much. more.

Isn't it amazing what a little lightening bug can do?

19 May 2009

Wedding Bells Ring Yet Again

This Saturday we flew allllllllll the way across the county to Chris and Tasha's wedding near Seattle. We're excited to welcome Tasha into our family! The wedding was beautiful and as my dad said in his toast, "you can't find a better looking couple than that." You really can't, they are adorable (see pictures below). My brother took a wonderful bride and I am selfishly hoping that he gets stationed in Virginia Beach because I never ever get to see them.


Man and Wife!

I love my family - so many new additions in the last year! This was the best picture we could get of all of us, my camera apparently wasn't the priority. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures!

I loved Tasha's colors (same as mine)

My brother is so handsome

My husband is so handsome!

Georgeous Bride


Tasha was nice enough to gently feed Chris his cake. Chris was nice enough to shove the cake in Tasha's face.

Cute boys! Pooka looks way too grown up.

Love you two!

Sending them off!

We had so much fun seeing our families. We stayed with Ryan's parents and they were kind enough to let my family come over after the wedding for the barbecue. It's hard living so far away...We miss them all so much.

03 May 2009

Once Upon A Time....

Once upon a time Erin and Brad were married on a rainy day in Salt Lake City. It was a very beautiful, happy day. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend Ryan's and my anniversary weekend.

There was a little window after the sealing and before the luncheon where the rain cleared and we were able to take pictures.

And yes, I took a ton.

My sister is happy and I couldn't be any happier for her. I'm happy that families are eternal and that we all get to be together, forever - happily ever after.

Proud parents
Beautiful brideDad and Chris


The hair, the flowers, my cute shoes, parents

1 year

And Counting....

Bride and bridesmaids

Family (minus Pooks)
Sean came!
Love these two...Jessie
The end