05 April 2009

Cherry Blossoms!!

This Friday Ryan met me after work and we headed toward the Tidal Basin to view the wonder that is the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I love the Tidal Basin area, especially when it is free of thousands of high school spring-breakers. It's so peaceful and beautiful. The Cherry Blossom Festival brings a whole new set of tourists but they did not take away from scenery one bit. I took about a thousand and five pictures because I just could not get over how beautiful it was. Our walk around the tidal basin was an absolutely perfect way to start the weekend and end a rather boring week. The atmosphere was romantic. The temperature hung around a cool 70 degrees and since it rained earlier that day the air actually smelled fresh. A soft breeze blew through the trees, the gray clouds rolled in over the water as we walked, and the sound of the rushing water of the FDR memorial calmed the crowded area. On top of all that, we were surrounding by the cherry blossom trees springing to life. Like I said, it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I even enjoyed the breeze when it turned in to a gusty wind that nearly knocked me over. By that time we were ready to go home anyway and anticipate a predicted thunderstorm that never came to pass. Oh well.

I love this picture even though a guy is jumping in the back of it and I look kind of like I'm pregnant. I'm definitely not...just wearing a big puffy vest. Do not be fooled.
Again, just wearing the puffy vest.Surrounded by Cherry Blossoms...notice how high the water is? It's rained a lot lately

The Jefferson


Washington and the Japanese Lantern

See what I mean about the clouds rolling in? Oh, and about the thousand and five pictures? Believe me, I've got more.