22 March 2009

March Madness

March Madness

It is quite possibly Ryan's favorite time of year. He's going a bit mad himself actually since he can't watch every game. Ryan made me laugh last year during the tournament because he is an ideal student, except during March Madness. He always goes to class, is hardly ever late, diligently does his work, is an excellent writer, participates, etc., except during March Madness.
I would get sheepish phone calls last year during my lunches while I was student teaching:

"I didn't go to class this morning....I'm not sure I'm going this afternoon..."

Then I would get home and go over to his apartment. He and his roommates would be watching one game on the T.V with 2 or 3 other games set up on each one of their laptops. It was hard not to get caught up in all of the excitement myself.

Now, we aren't students anymore. Ryan has had to miss several games and may have to miss more. I'm just hoping that he gets off work on time on Thursday to watch Duke. Sweet Sixteen, here they come!

Speaking of mad. Ryan and I just caught the 24 bug. After 7 seasons we finally caught on. We rented the first season and watched every single episode in a grand total of 5 days. Last Monday my mom texted me after she saw 24: "The weapons are at the Port of Alexandria!" She didn't know that Ryan and I stopped watching this season because we didn't want any spoilers for season 1. I was asleep when the text came but Ryan woke up, looked at it because my phone wouldn't stop beeping, thought that my mom and I were both terrorists, and that my mom was sending me a message about our terrorist activities. Yes, complete madness and possibly too much Jack Bauer. I loved it...except for the end of season 1. I absolutely hated that. We're trying to be a little more disciplined with this next one. Wish us luck.

We went for a walk yesterday through Old Town and happened upon this guy. He's incredible.

We only had a cell phone camera and have a really short clip.

05 March 2009


Remember that whole law school thing that Ryan was going to embark on last August?

He's excited to start it this August at...

We've known for a bit but finally have some things that needed to be squared away here squared away.

This all means...we will be moving yet again. I think it'll be fun to live in Charlottesville, VA (about 2.5 hours southwest of D.C).

We're excited and I am very proud of Ryan. He's a very smart, hard worker. Bring on the student loans!

In other exciting news that I never mentioned...

My little brother is getting married in May. Erin and Chris are getting married within 3 weeks of each other. How crazy is that? Fun too. Congrats Chris!

And thank you kindly for this picture

It is impossible for me not to laugh at this.

04 March 2009


Can you tell I've been re-reading Harry Potter? Very excellent.