21 February 2009


I love the U.S capitol. It's just beautiful and whenever I walk by it I'm happy that I live here. Ryan works there so he sees it everyday and I'm not sure if the novelty has worn off for him. I don't think it has. Just think about what goes on in there! He is a political junkie through and through (who may or may not be getting disillusioned with it all).
Ryan got to go on a dome tour of the capitol the other week. These are pretty rare and I really really really wanted to go. So Ryan, being the good husband that he is, asked if his wife could come but the answer was "no, only staff." Whatever.

I wasn't jealous at all.

As we were getting ready for work that morning I kept jabbering to him about how cool it would be to go on a dome tour..... and how he needed to take a lot of pictures..... and get other people in his tour to take pictures of him (because that is, of course, what I would be doing if I got to go).

He said he'd try. He doesn't like asking other people to take pictures of him. I think that during the time we've been together he has had more pictures taken of him than any other time in his life put together. I love pictures.

Ryan took a lot of pictures. He took pictures on his phone and texted them to me and took even more on his camera. I basically got a dome tour. At least, I'll pretend that I did.

Here is a look at some of the action.

Looking down as they head up inside the dome

The pretty artwork on the top of the dome

Looking down


Looking down again as they go up higher

High up!

Close up of the dome art

Looking at the people down below...

Being handsome up inside the dome

Not sure what this is but they are heading up and outside...

View atop the dome
Library of Congress

Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court, stadium way in the back, and Library of Congress

Union Station

Washington and the mall

Ryan being handsome (and squinting)

Alexandria through the haze

flag on either House or Senate side (I think Senate)

Still cleaning up Inauguration stuff

Going back down...

Thanks for all of the pictures Ryan! I felt like I was there with you :)

Next post I'll tell you about my fun little capitol adventure. I think I've posted enough pictures for one day though. Agreed?

04 February 2009

One More Thing

Something else extra special happened over the past couple of weeks.
Erin got engaged!
Congrats sister.
We're excited to come to Utah in April!

03 February 2009

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Highlights from the last couple of weeks
Watched Inauguration on T.V.

Thumbs Up: I was sure that someone was going to get trampled while either entering or leaving the mall. Nobody did!

Thumbs Up: Yay for smooth transitions of power. We are very blessed in this country. Billions do not have the freedoms that we have.

Thumbs Up: It's good that Obama excites a lot of people. I hope some positive changes can be made because of this.

Still...the inauguration did not leave me with the fluffiest of feelings.

Thumbs Down: Boos for former President Bush (what?). Sorry, but I have little respect for whoever participated in that. Do I love President Obama or agree with a lot of the things he says or wants to do? No. Would I ever boo him? No. Especially not in that setting. I doubt half the people even knew why they were boo-ing.

Thumbs Down: The benediction. I'm guessing it was supposed to be humorous but it was mostly just in bad taste.

Made my first apple pie
Thumbs Up: Outrageously artistic Sara asked me how it turned out. It was actually pretty good (despite a couple little problems)

Thumbs Down: I neglected to put something underneath the pie tin so when apple juice bubbled over the edges it created a disastrous mess in the oven and a smoke filled kitchen. Bleh.
Thumbs Down: The apples weren't cooked as much as they should have been.
Thumbs Up: No tears

Thumbs Up: Most importantly - Ryan liked it.

Went to the Capital Visitors Center and the National Archives

Thumbs Up: The CVC is very beautiful and I loved the exhibits

Plaster mold for the statue, Freedom

Ry Guy in the CVC

View of Capitol dome from the CVC/ Ryan and the Dome

Thumbs Down: The CVC was WAY way way way over budget. Bad form.

Thumbs Up: I love the Archives. It is so awe inspiring to see our founding documents and remember the sacrifices and efforts that were put into creating this wonderful country.

Very faded Declaration and Less faded Constitution

Met Ryan last Monday and went to the Senate confirmation vote for Geithner
Thumbs up: It was cool - I've never seen a vote.

Thumbs Down: They confirmed Geithner. (hmmm..well, I guess the whole failure to pay 30,000 in taxes was just an honest mistake. No problem there.)

Thumbs Up: Saw McCain. He voted no. Good form.

It Snowed

Thumbs Down: It snowed.

Thumbs Up:
I got to go to work 2 hours late because of it.
We Went to Costco

Thumbs Up: I love Costco! Especially on sample day

Thumbs Down: It was a zoo. It usually is crowded on Saturdays but it was packed when we went. We figure this was because it was Superbowl Eve.

Ryan surprised me with some shelves that someone else was throwing out

Thumbs Up: They were free.
Thumbs Up: I'm going to stain or paint them when we move and I actually attempt to be creative.
Thumbs Up: I love them.
Thumbs Up: My husband is nice for saving them
P.S: The formatting gets messed up a lot when I publish posts...it smashes things together that I don't want to be smashed. Anyone know why?