27 January 2009

Candy Cane Heaven

Ryan loves loves loves candy canes. And why wouldn't he? They are minty and sugary and last a fairly long time. I like candy canes, but chocolate is my weakness. It's a weakness that I actually like to have. It's just so yummy....and creamy....and smooth.....and sweet....yeah I dream about chocolate sometimes.

Back to the candy canes.

A little while ago, after Christmas break, Ryan and I inevitably found ourselves at the grocery store. We sometimes split up while we grocery shop since it's not especially fun and obviously gets finished faster that way. As I met Ryan near the check-out stands I noticed he was carrying four boxes of candy canes. I eyed him suspiciously. Were we really going to buy four boxes of candy canes? I definitely wasn't holding four Cadbury chocolate bars (of course, I had more than enough chocolate at home). These candy canes were special though. These candy canes were the "good kind" (unlike the cheap-o dollar store ones we bought before Christmas). Not only that, these candy canes were 25 cents a box. Oh yeah, candy cane heaven.

We bought all four boxes and stored them on top of the microwave. Afterward, Ryan kept saying that he wished he would have bought more because, hey, what a deal!

For his birthday I decided to buy Ryan (and me I guess) some more candy canes. I actually bought eight more boxes. Not bad for a $2 present. Now the top of our microwave looks like this:

We seldom leave the house without the question: "Did you bring a candy cane?" The candy cane has become a Clyde family constant companion. I'm not complaining.

Whatever will we do when we run out?

20 January 2009

Very Special Day

Today is a very special day.

It is Ryan's 25th birthday!

It is Sean's 17th birthday!

Happy birthday to my boys!!!

I've already sang Ryan's praises a little while back and I would do it again but I fear it would take all day. To boil it all down to one point - he is wonderful.

And I can't believe that Pooka is 17. Time goes by way too fast. What happened to my chubby little baby brother who said awwwwwww every time he hugged anyone? He is now a teenager who has driven for one full year and will be a senior in high school in the fall. He's still cute as ever but I'd like a wish of MINE to be fulfilled on his birthday. That wish is that he would just stop growing and stay his teenage self. While he's at it, Ryan and I can stop growing older too.

Today, I have the day off. Ryan does not. While he's at work I'm actually going to be pretty busy. Ryan isn't much of a cake person but he has told me on multiple occasions that he loves his mom's apple pie so much he would bathe in it. I've purchased the ingredients and I am now going to attempt to make the pie. I'm scared. I've never made an apple pie before, let alone one that you'd want to bathe in.

So my day will basically consist of missing my husband, baking a pie and being scared while doing it, possibly crying because I ruin the pie, emailing schools about teaching positions, and listening to the 24/7 coverage of Obama's inauguration. Then I will listen to his speech and leave the T.V on so that I can hear more about the inauguration for the entire day because that is all that is being covered. Unbeknownst to the press, there are other things going on in the world - like Ryan and Sean's birthdays.

And no, I won't be attending the celebration even though I live 15 minutes away. Not because I don't support Obama. I do. I wish him well in office and hope he does a good job. BUT...it's really cold outside, there are millions upon millions of people out there, I hate being smashed, and I didn't vote for him.

Plus...I have to bake my husband's apple pie.


15 January 2009

Metro Woes/Whoas!

Public transportation.
I know it is useful, it helps the environment, conserves energy, can be convenient...yada, yada yada. Truth be told, though, I'm slightly sick of using it. Ryan's right there with me. Everyday when it comes time to commute I get a little bit edgy.
How long will I have to wait in the freezing cold darkness before my bus comes?
Will my SmartCard work today? (unlike today for the bus)
Will I catch my train or miss it and wait forever instead?
All of these questions run through my worried little mind as I get ready to leave for the day. The way home is even worse. Like most people, my work does not sit prettily right by a metro stop. I have to walk a ways. Now, I like walking. I love it actually when it's nice outside and I have time. My "walk" from work, however, isn't a "stop and smell the roses" kind of jaunt. Did you ever see the speed walking event during this summer's Olympics? That would definitely be my walk to the metro walk. I've become a crazy person because I absolutely REFUSE TO MISS MY TRAIN. If I don't make the train that comes around 5:10 there is a chance that a train will come 5 minutes later and I'll still make my bus. Many times this later train has come 7 or 10 minutes later instead and I either book it off the metro to barely walk onto my bus or I miss it altogether. If this happens I just sit for 20 minutes at the bus station (not something I like to do).
I really shouldn't complain, I've been really lucky to make my buses/trains at the very very last minute. Ryan, poor Ryan, has not been has not been as fortunate as I have. His trains are notorious for pulling away right as he gets on the metro platform.
....But while I'm doing this complaining thing, can I ask: What is up with the Blue line?!? Why will two Orange line trains come within minutes of each other and a Blue line come every 10 minutes instead? WHY!?
Really though, this outburst is not the only reason for writing this post. Besides my daily woes, I had a rather interesting metro WHOA a little while back (before Christmas, let's be honest, I'm slow at writing on this sometimes).
A couple days before our lovely break I began my morning commute. Everything was absolutely, perfectly normal. I got on my bus, rode to Pentagon, and arrived just in time to catch my train. EUPHORIA I tell you, I LOVE when that happens. When I catch this train (if the bus comes on time and the freeway isn't too backed up) I get a seat every single time and am not pushed against a wall my massive amounts of people. So I, along with many others, boarded our train. As I sat down the train began to move as usual but something a little strange happened at the same time.
The lights turned off.
I was expecting the driver's (or conductor's...not sure) voice to come over the speaker and say something but instead the train just sped through the tunnel in darkness. I was very glad that there are lights in the tunnels because I'm a baby and don't especially like racing through tunnels in pitch black.
Nobody in my car really did or said anything until....
The train went right past the Arlington Cemetery stop. Nobody usually ever gets on or off at this stop at 7 whatever in the morning but the train ALWAYS stops...it has to. I took my headphones off to make sure I wasn't just tuning out the driver's comments over the speaker. I listened closely and got nothing but complete and utter silence. The train kept going and going and GOING right through the next stop. This stop is a busy one, people really needed to get off to go to work. A lady began to push a button (some type of emergency button) to try and see if the driver would say something but we still just sat in dark silence. I turned to the lady next to me and commented that maybe the speakers and electricity were out so that's why the driver wasn't saying anything. She nodded. People began to get slightly nervous (and I started to get slightly nervous). The woman pressing the button did so to no avail and we kept going.
My stop was next.
My stop was passed!
My favorite part of this experience was probably the guy in my car who threw is hands up in despair and yelled very loudly, "WHY!!!!!" (I think it was his stop too). Fortunately, Verizon has really good service on the metro so people began to call Metro. Unfortunately, none of the operators on the other end of the line seemed to know what was going on.
"Mam, we're on a train, the lights have been off since Pentagon station, and the driver has not made any stops."
I don't know if it was these calls or the lady pushing the button over and over but the train decided to stop. It stopped before the next station but it still stopped. We sat in the tunnel for a bit, the lights blinked on and we finally headed toward the next station. Guess what happened next? The train stopped! Almost simultaneously everyone on my car stood up and rushed to stand by the doors. The doors opened and we got off that train. I don't think any of the people on this train cared one ounce if his/her stop was 5 away...we were NOT staying on that rogue train.
After some investigating by one of the metro officials he discovered that this train was supposed to de-board at Pentagon station and travel passengerless to wherever its destination was. I'm pretty sure when a train de-boards, they usually make an announcement and make sure everyone gets off. Then they turned off the lights and speed through every stop. Instead no announcement was made and more passengers got on. Interesting. Freaky.
A lady walking next to me as we walked out of the station said something about being afraid that the train had been hijacked. What do you do with a hijacked metro train?
I don't know. I'm just happy that ours wasn't. I never really thought that it was but who knows? It could happen.
And now I have one more thing to worry about during my commute.
P.S: I take too long to tell stories. Oops.

04 January 2009


Wow...December was pretty dang fun. We spent Christmas and the end of 2008 with our families and loved every minute of it, except for maybe the getting sick, and being sick, and watching other people be sick. Here is a quick little update of our December, both in D.C and in the Northwest (we miss it...sniff sniff).

Celtics/Wizards game
We got free tickets that were pretty close. Too bad the Wizards stink, it wasn't the greatest game.

I tried to get a good picture of Ray Allen's calves. They are massive. It was a little hard to snap a great photo. He kept moving around for some reason. The picture really doesn't do them justice.

For a better picture go here

Christmas Cookies
Flour everywhere.

Temple Lights and Nativities
The temple lights were BEAUTIFUL. Walking around the grounds was like walking around in a fairytale. A winter wonderland, if you will, minus the snow. Here's a little sample of the different nativities that were displayed

Christmas Eve at our little place
Dinner, presents, Christmas music, Luke II, packing

A little ambiance, bubbly, homemade pizza, and someone special. A wonderful Christmas Eve!

Christmas in the Northwest!!!
SNOW (crazy if you know the Northwest), Family, homes, games, cats, Christmas lights, lots of love, sickness, New Year, Settlers, basketball, Bear.

Fun, Family

Enumclaw - so pretty! (these are really the only
pictures we took due to practically all of us feeling under the weather at the Clyde home)
Home was great! We miss it!