07 November 2009


If you haven't seen this video and you like BYU or soccer check this out. This girl is beyond horrible.

31 October 2009

Love This

We've listened to this many many times over the past few days. I told Ryan it reminds me of him because I can picture him calling me "kid" as a nickname. His reply? "That's because I do call you that sometimes." I knew that my memory was bad but never thought it was that bad. My mind is failing me. I think it needs more sleep :)

I love it. Michael Buble is great.

10 October 2009

I miss this baby

Cutest little lion's mane
HUGE and fluffy

Freckled nose...


Loves to sleep

Yes, I'm obsessed with cats....mostly with this kitty.
I need a pet.

01 October 2009


Well, it's been a while. I was trying to do a good job of keeping an online scrapbook and writing about once a week. That obviously didn't work out so well!

Things have been a bit crazy lately. Ryan and I have both thrown the whole "balanced life" thing out the window for the time being which has been hard. Hopefully we'll learn a lot during these next few years.

Ryan has started law school which can be really overwhelming at times. He's a very hard worker and I'm proud of what he's accomplishing right now. He pretty much goes to class and studies constantly. He has a fall break coming up next week which will be good to help him get ahead.

I got a job teaching Ancient World History, Modern World History, and World Geography at a high school kind of near by. I have a 50 minute commute each way which isn't much worse than what my commute was on D.C. Metro (and we know how much I loved that commute) so it hasn't been too bad. Other than driving to school and teaching all I ever do is plan lessons. We both feel like school completely defines our lives at the moment and are looking forward to when things settle down a little bit.

That's it folks. Seriously, come on over and check us out...we will be studying/planning (or I will be writing a blog when I should be planning). I think we're a little boring. I sadly have no pictures of our new city or of our 6 weeks here..not much to document!

I will leave you with some pictures of the REALLY fun stuff we did during the last part of our time in Alexandria (I really really miss it there). These are not in order at all.

If you like animals and come to D.C. go to the National Zoo. Orangutans swing over you.

How much do you think I love this kitty?
I really wanted to take him home

Gettysburg with the Clydes (some not all)

Hanging around D.C with Cindy and Coleman

Fourth of July on the National Mall
We had to get there really early..it was worth it but a little tiring.

We went to the Fourth of July Concert that we thought would be patriotic (like the Memorial Day Concert) but it was not. We were pretty disappointed BUT we did discover a new obsession with Jersey Boys.
We played a lot of games with Meech and Nate, had a picnic, slept (we got to the mall 4 hours before fireworks)..it was perfect weather so it worked. If it would have been hot I would have died.
We also went to Gettysburg with Michelle and Nate (can't get enough of that place). When are we going back Ryan?

Twentieth Maine monument. Chamberlain = my hero (thank you Jeff Shaara)

Hopefully someday we will get to explore Charlottesville! It is really pretty down here and I'm excited to go see Monticello.

15 July 2009


Can't it just be 7:00 already so I can go to Harry Potter? I'm dying here.
And I'm way too excited.

24 June 2009

Long, Nostalgic Post

It is so nice having family and friends come in to town. Over the past couple of months my parents came, Ryan's cousin Michelle and her husband moved to Arlington for the summer, a bunch of his other cousins came to visit, and the Fortners vacationed here as well. We're looking forward to Ryan's parents coming later this summer.

Jena and Bryce stayed with us last week while they toured the Nation's Capital. Sadly, both Ryan and I had to work but we did get to spend a couple evenings with them. I was SO happy that we got to introduce them to this guy as well as to Plane Park. I am even happier that I got to just see them, hang out, talk, laugh, and reminisce.

Seeing family and friends, who may as well be family, puts me in a very nostalgic mindset. I miss being around that all the time. I've been thinking a lot about home lately and what that means. I get severely attached to people and places and will get hits of homesickness that leave me longing for those people and those places. I've had several homes in my life which means I get homesick a lot.
First for:

My childhood home. I grew up here in a happy, peaceful home. I attended Kindergarten to 12th grade in the same school district and I lived in every single bedroom of my house (minus my parent's of course). I created the most beautiful friendships and memories, started to learn what is important in life and who I was, dealt with painful loss and sadness, overcame insecurities, fears, and doubts. Keizer is in every sense my home - especially since my parents are still there. It's no wonder that when I walked out of my apartment a while ago I got ecstatic at the sight of these: irises..Keizer's flower that is celebrated with festivals and parades every year:


BYU. Man, I miss that place. I hear people complain and whine about BYU and Provo culture..blah blah blah. I miss it. Sure, I lived in a bubble for four years but I loved that bubble. It took me a while to get used to it but now it is another one of my homes. Here I again, met the very best of friends, grew and gained life experiences that I will never trade, and learned to think in different ways. I hurt here, I cried here, I laughed here, I felt lost and scared many times but I will never forget the place because of it. We visited campus when we went to Utah for Erin's wedding and I felt this strong desire to stay there or move back. This obviously won't happen, nor should it, but I think I'll always kind of want to. I also miss this:
who couldn't?
Washington. I only lived here for the summer but I did become attached. It was hard at times - our jobs stunk and we were on completely opposite schedules. There were several nights when Ryan left before I woke up and I came home when he was already in bed. That was really hard but I loved, loved, loved being around family. We spent time at Ryan's home every week talking with the Clydes, relaxing, eating, playing Wi, petting Bear, watching the Olympics, and so and so on. We were also only 4 hours from my parents (so close compared to 4 days). I love Ryan's house...it's so comfy and welcoming. We even lived there for a bit so I consider it one of my homes too. Check out the view from his house...could you ever get over that?

and Last:

Washington D.C/Alexandria . This is my newest home. I have so many wonderful memories in this place. I came out here, feeling it was where I needed to be and excited about upcoming events, but I was alone and heart-sick. I grew to love the city, I met Ryan, and I fell in love with him here. We moved here, a newly married couple, unsure about where we would end up in a year. Our jobs are, again, not the hottest but I feel like we've progressed so much because of our struggles. It has been hard for me out here at times. Like I said, I miss people and my old homes. I miss being a student and actually enjoying my "work." BUT Ryan and I get to see each other so much more than we did in Washington - most every night, every weekend and we have had such a blast out here. It's fun to stay in and snuggle in our little apartment on our incredibly uncomfortable futon but to also have unlimited options of things to do around the area. We have both become better, individually and together and we're establishing our very own home. I love that. I love that I will always have a home no matter where I am...because my Ryan is home and family is home, and that is eternal.
I'm excited to move to Charlottesville but I can't believe it's in less than two months. I'm happy to be leaving my job, but scared about finding a new one. I'm looking forward to the security of staying in the same place for 3 years, but I know I'm going to miss D.C (it's a good thing we'll only be a couple hours away).

13 June 2009

Planes, Trains, and Autos

A while back, Ryan and I took our

to a


to see


I introduce you to one of Ryan and my favorite spots: Gravelly Point, aka, Plane Park.

Plane Park is right by the airport and the Potomac River. It's very picturesque - the monuments sit to the north, the airport to the south. Every couple minutes a plane either lands or takes off directly over your head.

Plane Park makes me feel like I'm a little kid again. I get giddy every time I see a plane coming in, I can't help myself (see video...it's very cool)

Ryan and I have gone back several times.

We took my parents there when they came (my Mom was a teeny bit scared they come so close)

This evening we went back again and laid out under the sun, looked out over the river, and watched the planes take off over and over again.

It was a perfect evening.

Right by the river the grass disappears and is replaced by thousands and thousands of clovers.

Do you think you can find a four leaf clover in this lot?

Anyway, if you come to D.C...you should go to Plane Park. I highly recommend it

And on a side note,
I've been training for a half marathon* for a while so Ryan and I went on a long run last night (to Plane Park and back..although, no stopping to enjoy, we just turned around).
I ran 7.5 miles, he ran 9 and I was very proud of myself. It's probably the farthest I've ever run without walking. I kind of felt like my legs were going to fall off by the end. At the beginning of our run I felt something in my shoe, hurting my toe but I ignored it and ran on. When I got back and took off my shoe my sock looked like this:
Uh, gross. The perpetrator was not a rock or pebble, but my toe nail. Moral of the story: keep 'em trimmed well if you're going to run.

*I'm not actually going to pay for one (too cheap/poor)...I just have a day picked out that I'm going to run 13.1 miles. Wish me luck, I need it. Ryan's going to run it too but he's in way better shape and could do it now if he wanted.