30 October 2008

Everyday Entertainment

Weekday nights at the Clyde apartment sometimes look like this....

Yes, that would be us on the bed playing none other than Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Because it's FUN
and slightly addicting.
We sometimes get REALLY into it. It's very difficult to win the million, I think we've only done it three times. I start to get discouraged and one of us will say:

"Okay, this is the last game."

But is it? Usually not.
Eventually I get snap happy, we lose focus, and we give up.

Tonight's activities, however, do not include Millionaire. So far they've consisted of running, eating,

Ryan bidding his wife goodbye with a dance before he goes and plays some basketball,
Me painting my toenails,
(Anything wrong with this picture....oh yeah, the pink nail polish I have turns out to be the exact color of my toe nails. I'm not in the mood to redo.)
and me writing this post.

Now I think I'm going to read some of this , make bread dough (or attempt to), eat ice cream, and go to sleep.

26 October 2008

Remember When?

Remember when Ryan and I woke up and it was the most gorgeous fall day?

We went to stake conference and were spiritually fed and uplifted.

Then we ventured off to the National Cathedral and walked on the grounds.

Remember how we took this picture and it looks like we are glowing and my hair is all over the place because of the wind?

Remember how the Bishop's gardens are absolutely divine and romantic?

And how we were surrounded by this wonderfulness?

Remember how I blew Boo a kiss?

And followed him around snapping way too many pictures as usual?

Remember how I love this picture?

And how it was a perfect afternoon?

I do.

23 October 2008


This picture is how I feel about life right now. Here are some highlights of our month!
Mount Vernon is spectacular. I definitely wouldn’t mind living on that estate. We visited George Washington’s humble abode a couple of Saturdays ago and I decided it’s about time to move in. Ryan even threw a rock all the way across the Potomac (he’s only the second person to ever do that by the way). It was exciting. Okay, that actually didn’t happen but we did talk about the myth as we looked out over the Potomac. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and George Washington himself claimed that there was no better situated estate than Mount Vernon. We got there in the afternoon (after standing in line at the DMV for apparently no reason) and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather has been behaving wonderfully lately and has only now started to get colder (I don’t mind that either because it is starting to feel more like fall) We toured the mansion, sat out on the lawn outside of the house, watched a couple short films about Washington, and explored the many items at the museum. It was a fun afternoon trip. I had gone with my mom last year but Ryan hadn’t been since he was in high school and they have apparently added a ton of stuff in the last couple of years. My favorite part of the museum would have to be George Washington’s teeth and the timeline documenting his life-long tooth aches. I absolutely loved Mount Vernon and all of the historical sites around here for that matter. We are BLESSED to live in this country. So many sacrifices have made on our behalf so that we can enjoy the freedoms that most of us take for granted. George Washington was an incredible man. It’s always fun to learn more about his life.
Mr. Washington's view

Later that day we also got to walk a dog before babysitting the kids I used to nanny! As much as I love animals, I think I’ve actually only walked one twice so it was interesting. Ryan loves dogs so he had a lot of fun. I did too but I was amazed at how much this dog didn’t walk. Instead it sniffed and we stood there as it sniffed. It would sniff at nothing, walk a bit, and then sniff some more…cute little thing though minus the hyper-active jumping up and down all the time. I was also viciously attacked by mosquitoes on the walk. I loved seeing Ryan with the dog…hopefully I can talk him into letting us get an INDOOR cat when our apartment allows for one but that is going to take A LOT of persuading. He’ll cave eventually.


The dog jumping up on me. Not my favorite

Pretty walk

This last weekend we went on a pretty disappointing ghost tour through Old Town that wasn’t even scary. About half way through I was kind of happy that it wasn’t scary because I realized that I would probably lose way too much sleep if it was. I hate anything scary. I won’t even let Ryan do his Joker impression because the new Batman movie creeped me out too much. He loves doing that impression and I deprive him from the joy of it because I’m the biggest chicken in the world. Why then did I want to go on this ghost tour? I have no clue but it turned out okay. We did waste some of our precious date money but I also didn’t keep Ryan up all night. I’m sure he appreciated that.

Old Town

On Saturday we drove to Woodbridge for the McCain rally and loved it! We got there late, stood in a ten mile long line, listened to McCain’s speech, and ran back to our car so we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic forever. There were a lot more people than I expected and it helped me gain a little hope that Virginia might not be lost. I guess we’ll know in a couple weeks. I found out the other day that I get Ryan’s birthday off in January because it’s on Inauguration day. When I told him he said that I’ll probably be in mourning all day long though. Grrrr…let’s hope not.
For now I’m not going to let a possible Obama presidency, flanked by Reid and Pelosi in Congress ruin my fall. It’s gorgeous! I love fall. I love the beautiful colors, the crunchy leaves, the pumpkin pie cake I made the other day (thank you Erin), the falls walks with my One-and-Only, and the cool crisp air. HAPPY fall from the Clyde family, Alexandria Chapter…we hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours!

If you look REALLY close you can see him

Yep, I'm short and on Boo's shoulders

A supporter in Northern VA!