29 September 2008

Laziness or Snobbery???

The other day it was unfortunately drizzly outside so I reluctantly sat inside a little shopping mall at lunch instead of my usual bench outside. I like sitting outside. I get to see squirrels. Inside there isn't too much to see (I do like to people watch though). As I sat eating my lunch a nice looking lady walked up and asked if anyone was sitting by me. I said no and moved my purse closer to me so she could have some more room to sit and went back to my book. The nice looking lady, however, didn't sit. Instead she just stood...she stood in front of me as if waiting for something. I looked up to see what her hesitation was and she quickly pointed to a napkin, unused and not mine, on the other said of the bench.

Lady: "Whose is that?" she queried, obviously appalled that it was sitting in her spot.

Me: "No idea, it was there when I sat down."

Lady (mumbling to herself): "I wonder who is supposed to clean stuff like that up around here."

The lady walked away and I made a mental note to throw the napkin (Remember..it's clean, most likely unused) away when I got up to leave. The lady came back though with a very confused looking security guard.

Lady: "Who is supposed to clean stuff like that up around here?"
Guard: "What?" He really couldn't see what the problem was.
Lady (frustrated, pointing): "That!"
Guard: "Oh, ummm...well I guess I could go find a janitor."

As I was about to say, "How about I just throw it away" the lady ripped some napkins from her purse and handed one to the security guard. He looked at it, confused once again, and then realized he was to use it to pick up the other unused napkin and dispose of the filth. He quickly did so and walked off. The lady proceeded to sit on the bench for about two minutes afterward.

W-O-W...I think I prefer the squirrels.

On a happier note. Our five month anniversary was on Friday!! I know five months isn't much of a milestone but I'm still not over getting excited at each month's anniversary. I'm sure this will wear off. I can't see me saying in a couple years, "Sweetheart, can you believe it's our 30th month anniversary!?!?" Who knows though. I thought he was going to be at work that night and was pretty bummed out. Especially when he texted me saying that he would probably be there until midnight. He was standing right inside our living room, though, when I opened the door. After I got over the terror of seeing someone in my apartment when no one was supposed to be there I jumped at him. I was so excited. We went to the Cheesecake Factory (yummy godiva chocolate!!!) and came back to watch the debate (As I was hugging Ryan he asked rather sheepishly "can we make sure to be back by nine for the debate?" It was just about the cutest thing in the world. Romantic and a political junkie, who can beat that?)

Ryan is absolutely, hands down, my most favorite person in the whole world.

22 September 2008


We've started a blog (as if that wasn't blatantly obvious)! Ryan and I thought it would be fun to keep our friends and family updated on all of our little adventures since we are so far away right now. I'm also pretty terrible at writing in a journal so this could be a fun way to motivate me to actually write stuff down. Here we go......

It's absolutely crazy that it is already the end of September. It hardly seems like we have even had a summer...it went by so fast! Plus we were in Washington and it rained a lot which made it seem less "summery" than I would have liked (I can't complain though...I love the green). I'm guessing we'll make it back to the Great Northwest someday since we are both Northwesterners at heart. Nothing beats it.

To put it mildly, we have had a whirlwind of change in the last 5 months...where do I even start? Hmmm...here we go (I'll post some pictures when my computer decides to work):

1.) We graduated!! We debated on whether or not to rent the insanely overpriced robes (I wanted to and am glad we did...I got good pictures)

2.) We got married!!! Woohoo! - best day of my life!

3.) We left BYU and moved to Washington

4.)We decided that Ryan would go to law school at George Washington University
5.) We decided that Ryan would go to BYU for law school
6.) We changed our minds about law school again
7.) And again....
8.) And again....
9.) We decided to put off law school for a year, move out to D.C, and apply to a bunch of schools out here.
10.) We played with all the Clyde's during our fun-filled weekend family reunion (rode Ryan's ponies, golfed, went to the zoo)
11.) We visited my family for a couple days (played our second ever round of golf) and then...
12.) We moved all the way across the country will our little UHAUL trailer, listening to conservative talk radio almost the entire way. (the only way to go...grrr to "drive-bys")
13. We started our oh-so-exciting jobs :)

That all happened within 5 months and to be honest the 5 months before that weren't any less calm. Basically since we've met life has been completely crazy. Lovely, but crazy!

So...here we are in D.C being all adult and everything. I'm not quite sure we know how to do that yet. We miss all of our family, we miss BYU, and we miss our friends but we still love it out here! We are determined to soak in as much of the history and excitement that you can't really escape from when you are out here as well as save up as much as humanly possible for law school.

This past weekend was SUPER fun. Ryan and I decided to re-create our first date so he met me after work, we ate in Georgetown, and walked through all of the monuments at night. I'm not going to lie, little can beat that first date BUT it was nice to walk around in gorgeous weather rather than the freezing cold. That night is one of my favorite memories (despite the cold) and it was fun to do it all over again - I like to reminisce. On Saturday we walked around Arlington Cemetery and went peddle boating on the Tidal Basin (Ryan humored me). We're planning on going to Gettysburg, Williamsburg, and every other burg that you can imagine while were here so I'm looking forward to that!

We asked a guy to take a picture of use with Lincoln. This was the outcome. Hmmm